Thursday Session Index

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09:00-10:00, ThPL1 Thursday Plenary Session 1

Hardware and Software Architectures for Secure Biometric Systems

Barry Johnson

13:30 14:30, ThPL2 Thursday Plenary Session 2

Classifier Ensembles: Facts, Fiction, Faults and Future

Ludmila I Kuncheva

ThAT1 T1P6OR8 Segmentation, Color and Texture (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT1.1

Unsupervised Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Local Spatiotemporal Descriptors

Jie Chen, Guoying Zhao, Matti Pietikäinen

10:50-11:10, Paper ThAT1.2

Texture Segmentation Benchmark

Michael Haindl, Stanislav Mikes

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT1.3

An Adaptive-PCA Algorithm for Reflectance Estimation from Color Images

Alamin Mansouri, Tadeusz Sliwa, Jon Hardeberg, Yvon Voisin

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT1.4

Silhouette Extraction Based on Iterative Spatio-Temporal Local Color Transformation and Graph-Cut Segmentation

Yasushi Makihara, Yasushi Yagi

11:50-12:10, Paper ThAT1.5

HOPS: Efficient Region Labeling Using Higher Order Proxy Neighborhoods

Albert Y. C. Chen, Jason Corso, Le Wang

ThAT2 T1P6OR9 Sensor Systems (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT2.1

Understanding Vehicle Motion Via Spatial Integration

Jiang Yu Zheng, Yasaswy Bhupalam, Hiromi Tanaka

10:50-11:10, Paper ThAT2.2

Hand Modeling and Tracking from Voxel Data: An Integrated Framework with Automatic Initialization

Cuong Tran, Mohan Trivedi

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT2.3

Uncertainty Minimization in Multi-Sensor Localization Systems Using Model Selection Theory

Sreenivas Rangan Sukumar, Hamparsum Bozdogan, David Page, Andreas Koschan, Mongi Abidi

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT2.4

Real-Time Accurate Optical Flow-based Motion Sensor

Zhaoyi Wei, Dah-Jye Lee, Brent E. Nelson, James Archibald

ThAT3 T2P6OR6 Feature Reduction, Manifold Learning (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT3.1

Semi-Supervised Learning by Locally Linear Embedding in Kernel Space

Rujie Liu, Yuehong Wang, Takayuki Baba, Daiki Masumoto

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT3.3

Localized Feature Selection for Gaussian Mixtures Using Variational Learning

Yuanhong Li, Ming Dong, Yunqian Ma

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT3.4

Monte Carlo Subspace Method: An Incremental Approach to High-Dimensional Data Classification

Tomoya Sakai

11:50-12:10, Paper ThAT3.5

Metric Learning: A General Dimension Reduction Framework for Classification and Visualization

Chunyuan Lu, Guocan Feng, Jianmin Jiang, Patrick Wang

12:10-12:30, Paper ThAT3.6

Maximum-Likelihood Dimensionality Reduction in Gaussian Mixture Models with an Application to Object Classification

M. Piccardi, Hatice Gunes, Ahmed Fawzi Otoom

ThAT4 T2P6OR3 Classification and Clustering (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT4.1

Ridge Regression for Two Dimensional Local Preserving Projection

Nam Thanh Nguyen, Wanquan Liu, Svetha Venkatesh

10:50-11:10, Paper ThAT4.2

Robust Region-Based Background Subtraction and Shadow Removing Using Colour and Gradient Information

Mohammad Izadi, Parvaneh Saeedi

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT4.3

Bhattacharyya Boosting

Yan Jiang, Xiaoqing Ding

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT4.4

Embedding HMM's-Based Models in an Euclidean Space: The Topological Hidden Markov Models

Djamel Bouchaffra

11:50-12:10, Paper ThAT4.5

A Probabilistic Model for Classifying Segmented Images

Liang Wu, Predrag Neskovic, Leon Cooper

12:10-12:30, Paper ThAT4.6

Early Recognition of Sequential Patterns by Classifier Combination

Seiichi Uchida, Kazuma Amamoto

ThAT5 T3P6OR2 Surveillance and Video Processing (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT5.1

Real-Time Abnormal Motion Detection in Surveillance Video

Nahum Kiryati, Tammy Riklin Raviv, Yan Ivanchenko, Shay Rochel

10:50-11:10, Paper ThAT5.2

Detecting Queues at Vending Machines: A Statistical Layered Approach

Xavier Naturel, Jean-Marc Odobez

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT5.3

Human Motion Recognition Using Gaussian Processes Classification

Hang Zhou, Liang Wang, David Suter

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT5.4

Fast and Reliable PCA-Based Temporal Segmentation of Video Sequences

Jiri Filip, Michael Haindl

11:50-12:10, Paper ThAT5.5

An Approach for Video Cut Detection Using Bipartite Graph Matching As Dissimilarity Distance

Silvio Guimaraes, Zenilton Patrocínio Jr., Hugo De Paula

12:10-12:30, Paper ThAT5.6

Shot Boundary Detection Using Co-Occurrence of Global Motion in Video Stream

Yosuke Murai, Hironobu Fujiyoshi

ThAT6 T5P6OR1 Handwriting Recognition (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper ThAT6.1

Unsupervised Writer Style Adaptation for Handwritten Word Spotting

Jose A. Rodriguez, Florent Perronnin, Gemma Sanchez, Josep Llados

10:50-11:10, Paper ThAT6.2

Lexicon-Based Offline Recognition of Amharic Words in Unconstrained Handwritten Text

Yaregal Assabie, Josef Bigun

11:10-11:30, Paper ThAT6.3

Combining Quadratic Classifier and Pair Discriminators by Pairwise Coupling for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition

Tianfu Gao, Cheng-Lin Liu

11:30-11:50, Paper ThAT6.4

Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Local Discriminant Projection with Prior Information

Honggang Zhang, Jie Yang, Weihong Deng, Jun Guo

11:50-12:10, Paper ThAT6.5

A Novel Approach for the Recognition of a Wide Arabic Handwritten Word Lexicon

Imen Ben Cheikh, Abdel Belaid, Afef Kacem

12:10-12:30, Paper ThAT6.6

Hybrid Statistical-Structural On-Line Chinese Recognition with Fuzzy Inference System

Adrien Delaye, Sébastien Macé, Eric Anquetil

ThAT8 T1PO3 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Features and Image Descriptors / Object Description and Recognition (Posters)

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.1

SIFT Features for Object Recognition and Tracking within the IVSEE System

Fernando López-García

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.2

Incoherent Motion Detection Using a Time-Series Gram Matrix Feature

Masato Kazui, Masanori Miyoshi, Shoji Muramatsu, Hironobu Fujiyoshi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.3

An Interactive Scene Annotation Tool for Video Surveillance

Wenze Hu, Jianting Wen, Haifeng Gong, Yongtian Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.4

Learning Motion Patterns in Crowded Scenes Using Motion Flow Field

Min Hu, Saad Ali, Mubarak Shah

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.5

Image Transformation for Object Tracking in High Resolution Video

Tae Eun Choe, Krishnan Ramnath, Mun Wai Lee, Niels Haering

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.6

Human Tracking Based on Soft Decision Feature and Online Real Boosting

Takayoshi Yamashita, Hironobu Fujiyoshi, Shihong Lao, Masato Kawade

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.7

Spatio-Temporal Patches for Night Background Modeling by Subspace Learning

Youdong Zhao, Haifeng Gong, Liang Lin, Yunde Jia

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.8

Full Body Tracking-Based Human Action Recognition

Junxia Gu, Xiaoqing Ding, Shengjin Wang, Youshou Wu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.9

Deformable Surface Stereo Tracking-By-Detection Using Second Order Cone Programming

Shuhan Shen, Yinqiang Zheng, Yuncai Liu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.10

On Edge Structure Based Adaptive Observation Model for Facial Feature Tracking

Xiaoyan Wang, Yangsheng Wang, Xuetao Feng, Mingcai Zhou

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.11

Online Feature Evaluation for Object Tracking Using Kalman Filter

Zhenjun Han, Qixiang Ye, Jianbin Jiao

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.12

SVD Based Kalman Particle Filter for Robust Visual Tracking

Xiaoqin Zhang, Weiming Hu, Zixiang Zhao, Yan-guo Wang, Xi Li, Qingdi Wei

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.13

Robust Trajectory Estimation of Soccer Players by Using Two Cameras

Nozomu Kasuya, Itaru Kitahara, Yoshinari Kameda, Yuich Ohta

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.14

Frame-skipping tracking for single object with global motion detection

Anlong Ming, Huadong Ma

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.15

Orientation and Scale Invariant Mean Shift Using Object Mask-Based Kernel

Kwang Moo Yi, Ho Seok Ahn, Jin Young Choi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.16

Behaviour Based Particle Filtering for Human Articulated Motion Tracking

John Darby, Baihua Li, Nicholas Paul Costen

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.17

Tracking of Articulated Pose and Motion with a Markerized Grid Suit

Jayashree Karlekar, Sang Le, Anthony Fang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.18

Hierarchical Estimation for Adaptive Visual Tracking

SeokMin Yun, Jin Hee Na, Woo-Sung Kang, Jin Young Choi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.19

Violence Classification Based on Shape Variations from Multiple Views

Fawang Liu, Yunde Jia

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.20

A Covariance-Based Method for Dynamic Background Subtraction

Shengping Zhang, Hongxun Yao, Shaohui Liu, Xilin Chen, Wen Gao

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.21

Understanding Visual Dictionaries Via Maximum Mutual Information Curves

Wei Zhang, Hongli Deng

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.22

Feature Selection for Real-Time Image Matching Systems

Quan Wang, Suya You

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.23

A New Hierarchical Approach in Robust Real¿Time Image Feature Detection and Matching

Matthias Langer, Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.24

Efficient Detection of Projected Concentric Circles Using Four Intersection Points on a Secant Line

Xianghua Ying, Hongbin Zha

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.25

Local Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face Recognition

Yimo Guo, Zhengguang Xu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.26

Very Fast Ellipse Detection Using GPU-Based RHT

Jong Kwan Lee, Brian Wood, Timothy Newman

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.27

Exact Integral Images at Generic Angles for 2D Barcode Detection

Tat-Jun Chin, Hanlin Goh, Ngan-Meng Tan

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.28

Ranking the Local Invariant Features for the Robust Visual Saliencies

Shengping Xia, Peng Ren, Edwin Hancock

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.29

Automated Stroke Ending Analysis for Drawing Tool Classification

Maria Christine Vill, Robert Sablatnig

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.30

Novel Image Feature Alphabets for Object Recognition

Martin Lillholm, Lewis Griffin

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.31

GPU-Boosted Online Image Matching

Alexandre Chariot, Renaud Keriven

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.32

A New Image Division for LBP Method to Improve Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions

Heydi Mendez, Edel Garcia, Yadira Condes

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.33

Unsupervised Categorization of Heterogeneous Text Images Based on Fractals

Badreddine Khelifi, Nizar Zaghden, Adel.M Alimi, Remy Mullot

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.34

A Dynamic Programming Approach for Segmenting Digital Planar Curves into Line Segments and Circular Arcs

Francesco Tortorella, Rossella Patraccone, Mario Molinara

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.35

Learning Invariant Region Descriptors with Genetic Programming

Cynthia Perez, Gustavo Olague

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.36

Point-Of-Interest Detection for Range Data

Fredrik Viksten, Klas Nordberg, Mikael Kalms

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.37

Non-Neighboring Rectangular Feature Selection Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Akinori Hidaka, Takio Kurita

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.38

π -SIFT: A Photometric and Scale Invariant Feature Transform

Jae-Han Park, Kyung-Wook Park, Seung-Ho Baeg, Moon-Hong Baeg

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.39

Combining Local Descriptors for 3D Object Recognition and Categorization

Andrea Salgian

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.40

Confidence Rated Boosting Algorithm for Generic Object Detection

Nayyar Abbas Zaidi, David Suter

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.41

Distance Transformation, Reverse Distance Transformation and Discrete Medial Axis on Toric Spaces

David Coeurjolly

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.42

Automatic Eye State Recognition and Closed-Eye Photo Correction

Zhaojie Liu, Haizhou Ai

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.43

Interactive Labeling of Facial Action Units

Lei Zhang, Yan Tong, Qiang Ji

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.44

Unfolding Warping for Object Recognition

Jun Xie, Min Hu, Mubarak Shah

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.45

Efficient Geometric Matching with Higher-Order Features

Chandramouli Paramanand, Ambasamudram Rajagopalan

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.46

Image Retrieval with Graph Kernel on Regions

Justine Lebrun, Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet, Philippe Henri Gosselin

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.48

MDL Patch Correspondences on Unlabeled Images

Johan Karlsson, Kalle Astroem

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.49

Linear Time Recognition Algorithms for Topological Invariants in 3D

Li Chen, Yongwu Rong

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.50

Local Shape Features for Object Recognition

Bernd Heisele, Carlos Rocha

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT8.51

Multi-View Face Recognition by Nonlinear Tensor Decomposition

Chunna Tian, Guoliang Fan, Xinbo Gao

ThAT9 T2PO5 Statistical, Syntactic, and Structural Pattern Recognition (Posters)

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.1

Supervised Learning Rule Selection for Multiclass Decision with Performance Constraints

Nisrine Jrad, Edith Grall-Maes, Pierre Beauseroy

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.3

Affine Moment Invariants Generated by Automated Solution of the Equations

Tomas Suk, Jan Flusser

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.4

Detecting Hubs and Quasi Cliques in Scale-Free Networks

Sriganesh Srihari, Hoong Kee Ng, Kang Ning, Hon Wai Leong

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.5

Error-Correcting Output Coding for Chagasic Patients Characterization

Sergio Escalera, Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.6

A New Method to Obtain Table Shift in Boyer-Moore String Matching Algorithm

Yang Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.7

Dual Clustering for Categorization of Action Sequences

Joanna Cheng, Liang Wang, Christopher Leckie

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.8

Establishing Point Correspondence Using Multidirectional Binary Pattern for Face Recognition

Sanqiang Zhao, Yongsheng Gao

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.9

Probabilistic Diffusion Classifiers for Object Detection

Christian Bauckhage

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.10

Fuzzy Maximum Scatter Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Face Recognition

Jianguo Wang, Wankou Yang, Jingyu Yang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.11

Robust Shape Normalization Based on Implicit Representations

Tingting Jiang, Carlo Tomasi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.12

Automatic Extraction of Natural Fracture Traces from Borehole Images

Josselin Kherroubi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.13

Classification of Perceived Running Fatigue in Digital Sports

Bjoern Eskofier, Florian Hoenig, Pascal Kuehner

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.14

Bayesian Sequential Face Detection with Automatic Re-Initialization

Atsushi Matsui, Simon Clippingdale, Takashi Matsumoto

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.15

Parts Based Generative Models for Graphs

David White, Richard Wilson

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.16

A New Radical-Based Approach to Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition

Longlong Ma, Cheng-Lin Liu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.17

Signature Verification Based on Fusion of On-Line and Off-Line Kernels

Vadim Mottl, Mikhail Lange, Valentina Sulimova, Alexey Yermakov

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.18

Kernel Oriented Discriminant Analysis for Speaker-Independent Phoneme Spaces

Heeyoul Choi, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, Seungjin Choi, Yoonsuck Choe

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.19

A Microeconomic Approach to Multi-Objective Spatial Clustering

Upavan Gupta, Nagarajan Ranganathan

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.20

Face Recognition Using Anisotropic Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packets

Yigang Peng, Xudong Xie, Wenli Xu, Qionghai Dai

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.21

Clustered Microcalcification Detection Based on a Multiple Kernel Support Vector Machine with Grouped Features (GF-SVM)

Tian-tian Chang, Jun Feng, Hong-Wei Liu, Horace Ip

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.22

Clustering by Evidence Accumulation on Affinity Propagation

Xuqing Zhang, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhuang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.23

Active Contour Detection of Linear Patterns in Spectrogram Images

Thomas Andrew Lampert, Simon O'Keefe

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.24

Kernel Bandwidth Estimation in Methods Based on Probability Density Function Modelling

Adrian Bors, Nikolaos Nasios

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.25

On the Asymptotic Variances of Gaussian Markov Random Field Model Hyperparameters in Stochastic Image Modeling

Alexandre Levada, Nelson Mascarenhas, Alberto Tannús

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.26

Integrated Probability Function on Local Mean Distance for Image Recognition

Zhen Lou, Zhong Jin

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.27

Online Anomal Movement Detection Based on Unsupervised Incremental Learning

Kyoko Sudo, Tatsuya Osawa, Hidenori Tanaka, Hideki Koike, Kenichi Arakawa

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.28

Hybrid Wavelet Support Vector Classification of Temporal Bone Abnormalities

Jose George, Subin T Karthikeyan, Rajeev Kumaraswamy

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.29

Illumination Invariant Spatio-Colorimetric Normalization

Damien Muselet, Alain Tremeau

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.30

Quantitative Analysis of Iaido Proficiency by Using Motion Data

Woong Choi, Sho Mukaida, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Kozaburo Hachimura

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.31

Change Detection Based on Adaptive Markov Random Fields

Keming Chen, Chunlei Huo, Jian Cheng, Zhixin Zhou, Hanqing Lu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.32

A Novel Robust Kernel for Appearance-Based Learning

Chia-Te Liao, Shang-Hong Lai

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.33

Fast Approximate Kernel-Based Similarity Search for Image Retrieval Task

David Gorisse, Matthieu Cord, Frederic Precioso, Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.34

A Variational Inference Based Approach for Image Segmentation

Zhenglong Li, Qingshan Liu, Jian Cheng, Hanqing Lu

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.35

A Framework for Efficient Correspondence Using Feature Interrelations

Angelos-Georgios Tsolakis, Manolis Falelakis, Anastasios Delopoulos

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.36

An Adaptive Scene Description for Activity Analysis in Surveillance Video

Brendan Morris, Mohan Trivedi

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.37

Uncertainty Based Classification Fusion - a Soft-Biometrics Test Case

Hugo Gamboa, Ana Luisa Nobre Fred

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.38

Non-Abelian Invariant Feature Detection

Yaniv Gur, Nir Sochen

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.39

Efficient Implementation of SVM for Large Class Problems

Prabakaran Ilayaraja, Neeba N V, C. V. Jawahar

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.40

Scribble-A-Secret: Similarity-Based Password Authentication Using Sketches

Mizuki Oka, Kazuhiko Kato, Yingqing Xu, Lin Liang, Fang Wen

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.41

Feature Fusion Hierarchies for Gender Classification

Fabien Scalzo, George Bebis, Mircea Nicolescu, Leandro Loss, Alireza Tavakkoli

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.42

An Incremental Nested Partition Method

Jyrko Correa-Morris, Jose Ruiz-Shulcloper, Aurora Pons-Porrata, Dustin Luis Espinosa-Isidrón

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.43

Performance Evaluation of Relevance Vector Machines As a Non-Linear Regression Method in Real World Chemical Spectroscopic Data

Diana Porro, Isneri Talavera, Noslen Hdez, Isneri Talavera, Oneisys Núñez, Angel Dago, Rolando Biscay

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.44

Temporal Difference Learning to Detect Unsafe System States

Huazhong Ning, Wei Xu, Yue Zhou, Yihong Gong, Thomas Huang

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.45

View Invariant Object Recognition

Panu Srestasathiern, Alper Yilmaz

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.46

A Uniformity Criterion and Algorithm for Data Clustering

Sanketh Shetty, Narendra Ahuja

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.47

Bag-Of-Features Kernel Eigen Spaces for Classification

Gaurav Sharma, Santanu Chaudhury, J.B. Srivastava

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.48

Geodesic K-Means Clustering

Nima Asgharbeygi, Arian Maleki

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.49

A Novel Validity Measure for Clusters of Arbitrary Shapes and Densities

Noha A. Yousri, Mohamed S Kamel, Mohamed A. Ismail

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.50

A Comparison of Clustering Fully Polarimetric SAR Images Using SEM Algorithm and G0P Mixture Model with Different Initializations

Michelle Matos Horta, Nelson Mascarenhas, Alejandro C Frery

10:00-12:30, Paper ThAT9.51

Object Recognition Using Graph Spectral Invariants

Xiao Bai, Richard Wilson, Edwin Hancock

ThBT1 T1P3OR1 Computer Vision Applications (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT1.1

Structure and Motion Factorization under Quasi-Perspective Projection with Missing Data in Tracking Matrix

Guanghui Wang, Q. M. Jonathan Wu, Wei Huang

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT1.2

Extended Kalman Filtering Approach to Stereo Video Stabilization

Kai Ki Lee, Kin Hong Wong, Michael Chang, Ying Kin Yu, Man Kin Leung

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT1.3

A Similarity Measure under Log-Euclidean Metric for Stereo Matching

Quanquan Gu, Jie Zhou

ThBT2 T1P3OR2 Features and Image Descriptors (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT2.1

A Method of Feature Selection Using Contribution Ratio Based on Boosting

Masamitsu Tsuchiya, Hironobu Fujiyoshi

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT2.2

A Hypergraph-Based Approach to Affine Parameters Estimation

Samuel Rota Bulo', Andrea Albarelli, Andrea Torsello, Marcello Pelillo

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT2.3

Using Covariance Matrices for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation

Michael Donoser, Horst Bischof

ThBT3 T1P3OR3 Image Modelling and Scene Understanding (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT3.1

Efficient Image Inner Products Applied to Active Appearance Models

Karl Netzell, Jan Erik Solem

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT3.2

Combined Visual Attention Model for Video Sequences

Mariofanna Milanova, Stuart Rubin, Roumen Kountchev, Vladimir Todorov, Roumiana Kountcheva

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT3.3

NorMaL: Non-Compact Markovian Likelihood for Change Detection

Osman Gokhan Sezer, Joseph Mundy, Yucel Altunbasak, David Cooper

ThBT4 T2P3OR1 Statistical, Syntactic, and Structural Pattern Recognition (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT4.1

An Approximate Algorithm for Median Graph Computation Using Graph Embedding

Miquel Ferrer, Ernest Valveny, Francesc Serratosa, Kaspar Riesen, Horst Bunke

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT4.2

Scale-Invariant Region-Based Hierarchical Image Matching

Sinisa Todorovic, Narendra Ahuja

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT4.3

Multiple View Based 3D Object Classification Using Ensemble Learning of Local Subspaces

Jianing Wu, Kazuhiro Fukui

ThBT5 T2P3OR2 Hybrid Methods for Classification (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT5.1

Hybrid SVM - Random Forest Classification System for Oral Cancer Screening Using LIF Spectra

Rahul Kumar Singh, Sarif Kumar Naik, Lalit Gupta, Srinivasan Balakrishnan

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT5.2

An Adjustable Combination of Linear Regression and Modified Probabilistic Neural Network for Anti-Spam Filtering

Tich Phuoc Tran, Pohsiang Tsai, Tony Jan

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT5.3

MCS-Based Balancing Techniques for Skewed Classes: An Empirical Comparison

Maria Teresa Ricamato, Claudio Marrocco, Francesco Tortorella

ThBT6 T3P3OR1 Signal Theory and Representation (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper ThBT6.1

Beyond SVD: Sparse Projections Onto Exemplar Orthonormal Bases for Compact Image Representation

Karthik Gurumoorthy, Ajit Rajwade, Arunava Banerjee, Anand Rangarajan

15:00-15:20, Paper ThBT6.2

A Minimum Description Length Principle Based Method for Signal Change Detection in Machine Condition Monitoring

Jenni Johanna Hulkkonen, Jukka Veikko Heikkonen

15:20-15:40, Paper ThBT6.3

EK-SVD: Optimized Dictionary Design for Sparse Representations

Raazia Mazhar, Paul Gader

ThCT1 T1P4OR1 Computer Vision Applications (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper ThCT1.1

Rapid Signer Adaptation for Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using a Combined Approach of Eigenvoices, MLLR, and MAP

Ulrich von Agris, Christoph Blömer, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss

16:30-16:50, Paper ThCT1.2

Face Age Estimation Using Patch-Based Hidden Markov Model Supervectors

Xiaodan Zhuang, Xi Zhou, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Thomas Huang

16:50-17:10, Paper ThCT1.3

Randomized Trees for Real-Time One-Step Face Detection and Recognition

Vaishak Belle, Thomas Deselaers, Stefan Schiffer

17:10-17:30, Paper ThCT1.4

Bag-Of-Visual-Words Models for Adult Image Classification and Filtering

Thomas Deselaers, Lexi Pimenidis, Hermann Ney

ThCT2 T1P4OR5 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper ThCT2.1

Manifold Optimisation for Motion Factorisation

Appu Shaji, Sharat Chandran, David Suter

16:30-16:50, Paper ThCT2.2

Critical Con¿gurations of Lines to Geometry Determination of Three Cameras

Ming Zhao, Chi-kit Ronald Chung

16:50-17:10, Paper ThCT2.3

Detection of the Intersection Lines in Multiplanar Environments: Application to Real-Time Estimation of the Camera-Scene Geometry

Gilles Simon, Marie-Odile Berger

17:10-17:30, Paper ThCT2.4

Consistent and Efficient Sampler for Geometric Computation

Sami Sebastian Brandt

ThCT3 T1P4OR3 Features and Image Descriptors (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper ThCT3.1

Circular Earth Mover's Distance for the Comparison of Local Features

Julien Rabin, Julie Delon, Yann Gousseau

16:30-16:50, Paper ThCT3.2

A Contrario Matching of SIFT-Like Features

Julien Rabin, Julie Delon, Yann Gousseau

16:50-17:10, Paper ThCT3.3

Scale-Invariant Medial Features Based on Gradient Vector Flow Fields

David Engel, Cristóbal Curio

17:10-17:30, Paper ThCT3.4

V-LGBP: Volume Based Local Gabor Binary Patterns for Face Representation and Recognition

Shufu Xie, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen, Wen Gao

ThCT4 T2P4OR1 Invariance in Recognition (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper ThCT4.1

Illumination Invariants Based on Markov Random Fields

Pavel Vacha, Michael Haindl

16:30-16:50, Paper ThCT4.2

Graph-Based Classification for Multiple Observations of Transformed Patterns

Effrosyni Kokiopoulou, Stefanos Pirillos, Pascal Frossard

16:50-17:10, Paper ThCT4.3

Rotation Invariant Local Phase Quantization for Blur Insensitive Texture Analysis

Ville Ojansivu, Esa Rahtu, Janne Heikkilä

17:10-17:30, Paper ThCT4.4

Regularized Discriminant Analysis for Transformation-Invariant Object Recognition

Yung-Kyun Noh, Jihun Hamm, Daniel D. Lee

ThCT5 T2P4OR2 Pattern Recognition Applications (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper ThCT5.1

Robust Time Recognition of Video Clock Based on Digit Transition Detection and Digit-Sequence Recognition

Xinguo Yu, Yiqun Li, Wei San Lee

16:30-16:50, Paper ThCT5.2

A Hilbert Warping Method for Camera-Based Finger-Writing Recognition

Hiroyuki Ishida, Tomokazu Takahashi, Ichiro Ide, Hiroshi Murase

16:50-17:10, Paper ThCT5.3

Affine Invariant Shape Descriptors: The ICA-Fourier Descriptor and the PCA-Fourier Descriptor

Ye Mei, Dimitrios Androutsos

17:10-17:30, Paper ThCT5.4

How Current BNs Fail to Represent Evolvable Pattern Recognition Problems and a Proposed Solution

Nirmalya Ghosh, Bir Bhanu

ThBCT8 T2PO4 Machine Learning and Data Mining (Posters)

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.1

A New HMM Training and Testing Scheme

Albert Hung-Ren Ko, R. Sabourin, Alceu Britto

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.2

Online Adaptive Clustering in a Decision Tree Framework

Jayanta Basak

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.3

Eigenspace Interpolation for Appearance-Based Object Recognition

Tomokazu Takahashi, Lina,, Ichiro Ide, Yoshito Mekada, Hiroshi Murase

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.4

Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm for HMM Training

Feng-qin Yang, Changhai Zhang, Tieli Sun

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.5

Clustering-Based Locally Linear Embedding

Kanghua Hui, Chunheng Wang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.6

An Improvement on Learning with Local and Global Consistency

Jie Gui, Deshuang Huang, Zhuhong You

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.7

Fuzzy Discriminant Projections for Facial Expression Recognition

Ruicong Zhi, Qiuqi Ruan, Zhenjiang Miao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.8

RUSBoost: Improving Classification Performance When Training Data Is Skewed

Chris Seiffert, Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse, Amri Napolitano

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.9

Adaptive Laplacian Eigenfunctions As Bases for Regression Analysis

Lei Ding, Xiaole Bai

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.10

A New Multiobjective Simulated Annealing Based Clustering Technique Using Stability and Symmetry

Sriparna Saha, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.11

Unsupervised Clustering Using Hyperclique Pattern Constraints

Yuchou Chang, Dah-Jye Lee, James Archibald, Yi Hong

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.12

Categorization Using Semi-Supervised Clustering

Jianying Hu, Moninder Singh, Aleksandra Mojsilovic

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.13

Local Regularized Least-Square Dimensionality Reduction

Yangqing Jia, Changshui Zhang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.14

Differential Evolution Based Feature Subset Selection.

Rami N. Khushaba, Ahmed Al-Ani, Adel Al-Jumaily

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.15

FastNMF: A Fast Monotonic Fixed-Point Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm with High Ease of Use

Le Li, Yu-jin Zhang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.16

Feature Selection Via Decision Tree Surrogate Splits

Clayton Springer, W. Philip Kegelmeyer

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.17

Three Related Types of Multi-Value Association Patterns

Thomas W.H. Lui, David K.Y. Chiu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.18

Incremental Machine Learning Techniques for Document Layout Understanding

Stefano Ferilli, Teresa M.A. Basile, Marenglen Biba, Floriana Esposito

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.19

Detecting Trends in Social Bookmarking Systems Using a Probabilistic Generative Model and Smoothing

Robert Wetzker, T. Plumbaum, A. Korth, Christian Bauckhage, Tansu Alpcan, F. Metze

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.20

Face Recognition Using Complete Fuzzy LDA

Wankou Yang, Hui Yan, Jianguo Wang, Jingyu Yang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.21

Topologically Correct Surface Reconstruction Using Alpha Shapes and Relations to Ball-Pivoting

Peer Stelldinger

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.22

Feature Selection Combining Genetic Algorithm and Adaboost Classifiers

Hassan Chouaib, Oriol Ramos Terrades, Salvatore Tabbone, Florence Cloppet, Nicole Vincent

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.23

Detecting and Ordering Salient Regions for Efficient Browsing

Larry Shoemaker, Robert E. Banfield, Larry Hall, Kevin W. Bowyer, W. Philip Kegelmeyer

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.24

Fuzzy Rule Selection Using Iterative Rule Learning for Speech Data Classification

Omid Dehzangi, Bin Ma, Eng Siong Chng, Haizhou Li

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.25

Manifold Denoising with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models

Yan Gao, Kap Luk Chan, Wei-Yun Yau

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.26

A Discrete-Time Parallel Update Algorithm for Distributed Learning

Tansu Alpcan, Christian Bauckhage

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.27

Relevant Pattern Selection for Subspace Learning

Jin Hee Na, SeokMin Yun, Minsoo Kim, Jin Young Choi

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.28

Regression with Interval Output Values

Hisashi Kashima, Kazutaka Yamasaki, Akihiro Inokuchi, Hiroto Saigo

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.29

Scale Invariant Face Recognition Using Probabilistic Similarity Measure

Zhifei Wang, Zhenjiang Miao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.30

A Clustering Algorithm Combine the FCM Algorithm with Supervised Learning Normal Mixture Model

Wei Wang, Chunheng Wang, Xia Cui, Ai Wang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.31

Graph Drawing Using Quantum Commute Time

David Emms, Edwin Hancock, Richard Wilson

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.32

Combining Hierarchical Clusterings Using Min-Transitive Closure

Abdolreza Mirzaei, Mohammad Rahmati

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.33

Adaptive Habituation Detection to Build HCI-Systems Using a Real-Time Cross-Modal Computation

Motohri Kon, Takamasa Koshizen, Kazuyuki Aihara, Hiroshi Tsujino

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.34

Properties of the K-Norm Pruning Algorithm for Decision Tree Classifiers

Mingyu Zhong, Michael Georgiopoulos, Georgios Anagnostopoulos

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.35

A Supervised Learning Approach for Imbalanced Data Sets

Giang Hoang Nguyen, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Son Lam Phung

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.36

Locality Preserving Multi-Nominal Logistic Regression

Kenji Watanabe, Takio Kurita

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.38

RANSAC-SVM for Large-Scale Datasets

Kenji Nishida, Takio Kurita

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.39

Illuminant Dependence of PCA, NMF and NTF in Spectral Color Imaging

Alexey Andriyashin, Jussi Parkkinen, Timo Jaaskelainen

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.40

A Self-Organized Approach for Unsupervised Fault Detection in Multiple Systems

Thorsteinn Sigurjon Rögnvaldsson, Georg Panholzer, Stefan Byttner, Magnus Svensson

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.41

Face Image Retrieval by Using Haar Features

Bau-Cheng Shen, Chu-Song Chen, Hui-Huang Hsu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.42

Supervised Learning of a Generative Model for Edge-Weighted Graphs

Andrea Torsello, David L. Dowe

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.43

Feature Condensing Algorithm for Feature Selection

Pavel Krizek, Josef Kittler, Vaclav Hlavac

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.44

Improving Bayesian Network Parameter Learning using Constraints

Cassio de Campos, Qiang Ji

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.45

On the Selection of Base Prototypes for LAESA and TLAESA Classifiers

Selene Hernández-Rodríguez, Francisco Martinez-Trinidad, Jesus Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.46

Endmember Detection Using the Dirichlet Process

Alina Zare, Paul Gader

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.47

Selecting Relevant Features for Human Motion Recognition

Dirk Gehrig, Tanja Schultz

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.48

Learning a Discriminative Sparse Tri-Value Transform

Zhenhua Qu, Guoping Qiu, Pong Chi Yuen

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.49

Dynamic Target Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ying Sun, Hairong Qi

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT8.50

Fast Multiple Instance Learning Via L_{1, 2} Logistic Regression

Zhouyu Fu, Antonio Robles-Kelly


Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Computer Vision Applications / Segmentation Color and Texture / Computer-Aided Diagnostics / Medical Image Analysis and Registration (Posters)

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.1

Specularity Removal and Relighting of 3D Object Model for Virtual Exhibition

Shu Kam Chow, Kwok-Leung Chan

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.2

Estimating the Number of People in a Video Sequence Via Geometrical Model

Hiroyuki Arai, Isao Miyagawa, Hideki Koike, Miki Haseyama

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.3

Virtual Focusing Image Synthesis for User-Specified Image Region Using Camera Array

Shigeki Sugimoto, Masatoshi Okutomi

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.5

Analysis of Human Behaviour in Front of a Target Scene

Adel Lablack, Chabane Djeraba

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.6

Radon Transform and Conformal Geometric Algebra with Lines

Luis Falcon-Morales, Eduardo Jose Bayro Corrochano

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.7

Multiple Kernel Learning from Sets of Partially Matching Image Features

Siyao Fu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.8

3D Gaze Estimation with a Single Camera without IR Illumination

Jixu Chen, Qiang Ji

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.9

Detection and Tracking of Marine Vehicles in Video

Sergiy Fefilatyev, Dmitry Goldgof

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.10

Model-Based Visual Self-Localization Using Geometry and Graphs

David Israel Gonzalez-Aguirre, Tamim Asfour, Eduardo Jose Bayro Corrochano, Rüdiger Dillmann

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.11

Motion Capture Data Retrieval Using an Artist’s Doll

Tien-Chieng Feng, Prabath Gunawardane, James Davis, Bolan Jiang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.12

New Extensions of the 3-Simplex for Exterior Orientation

John Martin Steinbis, Tyrone Vincent, William Hoff

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.13

Calibration of a Structured Light System by Observing Planar Object from Unknown Viewpoints

Koichiro Yamauchi, Hideo Saito, Yukio Sato

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.14

Matching Images More Efficiently with Local Descriptors

Dong Zhang, Weiqiang Wang, Qingming Huang, Shuqiang Jiang, Wen Gao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.15

Applying Similarity Metrics to 3D Acquisition in Structured-Light Systems

Graylin Jay, Randy Smith

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.16

A Semisupervised Approach to Space Carving

Surya Prakash, Antonio Robles-Kelly

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.17

Making Real Games Virtual: Tracking Board Game Pieces

Steven Scher, Ryan Crabb, James Davis

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.18

Symmetric Segment-Based Stereo Matching for Motion Blurred Images with Illumination Variations

Wei Wang, Yizhou Wang, Longshe Huo, Qingming Huang, Wen Gao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.20

Relative Scale Estimation between Two Camera Motions

Yekeun Jeong, In So Kweon

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.21

An Improved Mean-Shift Tracker with Kernel Prediction and Scale Optimisation Targeting for Low-Frame-Rate Video Tracking

Li Zhidong, Jing Chen, Nicol N. Schraudolph

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.22

Trajectories Normalization for Viewpoint Invariant Gait Recognition

Frédéric Jean, Robert Bergevin, Alexandra Branzan Albu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.23

Visual Planes-Based Simultaneous Localization and Model Refinement for Augmented Reality

Fabien Servant, Eric Marchand, Pascal Houlier, Isabelle Marchal

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.24

Finite Element Modeling of Facial Deformation in Videos for Computing Strain Pattern

Vasant Manohar, Matthew Shreve, Dmitry Goldgof, Sudeep Sarkar

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.25

Markerless Human Motion Capture: An Application of Simulated Annealing and Fast Marching Method

Yifan Lu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.26

Human Activities: Handling Uncertainties Using Fuzzy Time Intervals

Michael S. Ryoo, J. K. Aggarwal

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.27

Boosting Local Feature Descriptors for Automatic Objects Classification in Traffic Scene Surveillance

Zhaoxiang Zhang, Min Li, Kaiqi Huang, Tieniu Tan

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.28

Multi-Cue Collaborative Kernel Tracking with Cross Ratio Invariant Constraint

Lili Ma, Jian Cheng, Hanqing Lu

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.29

Hierarachical Background Subtraction Using Local Pixel Clustering

Bineng Zhong, Hongxun Yao, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen, Wen Gao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.30

Real-Time 3D Tracking Using Multiple Sample Points

Akihito Seki, Hiroshi Hattori

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.31

Monocular 3D Tracking of Multiple Interacting Targets

Tatsuya Osawa, Kyoko Sudo, Hiroyuki Arai, Hideki Koike

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.32

Adaptive Selection of Non-Target Cluster Centers for K-Means Tracker

Hiroshi Oike, Haiyuan Wu, Toshikazu Wada

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.34

A New Algorithm for Static Camera Foreground Segmentation Via Active Coutours and Gmm

Chengkai Wan, Baozong Yuan, Zhenjiang Miao

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.35

An Approach to Texture-Based Image Recognition by Deconstructing Multispectral Co-Occurrence Matrices Using Tchebichef Orthogonal Polynomials

Marc C.Y. Cheong, Kar Seng Loke

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.36

Monocular Video Foreground Segmentation System

Xiaoyu Wu, Yangsheng Wang, Xiaolong Zheng

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.37

Scale-Invariant Density-Based Clustering Initialization Algorithm and Its Application

Chunsheng Hua, Ryusuke Sagawa, Yasushi Yagi

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.38

Efficient Background Modeling through Incremental Support Vector Data Description

Alireza Tavakkoli, Mircea Nicolescu, Monica Nicolescu, George Bebis

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.39

Object-Of-Interest Extraction by Integrating Stochastic Inference with Learnt Active Shape Sketch

Hongwei Li, Liang Lin, Tianfu Wu, Xiaobai Liu, Lanfang Dong

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.40

Lennard-Jones Force Field for Geometric Active Contour

Zhenglong Li, Qingshan Liu, Hanqing Lu, Dimitris Metaxas

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.41

Region-Based Active Contours and Sparse Representations for Texture Segmentation

François Lecellier, Jalal Fadili, Stéphanie Jehan-Besson, Marinette Revenu, Gilles Louis Aubert

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.42

Multiband Image Segmentation and Object Recognition Using Texture Filter Banks

Yousun Kang, Kiyosumi Kidono, Takashi Naito, Yoshiki Ninomiya

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.43

Effective Features Based on Normal Linear Structures for Detecting Microcalcifications in Mammograms

Zhi Qing Wu, Jianmin Jiang, Yonghong Peng

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.44

Rayleigh Segmentation of the Endocardium in Ultrasound Images

Mattias Hansson, Niels Overgaard, Anders Heyden

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.45

Rendering of Brain Tumors Using Endoneurosonography

Rubén Machucho, Sergio de la Cruz Rodríguez, Eduardo Jose Bayro Corrochano

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.46

A Novel Automatic Seed Point Selection Algorithm for Breast Ultrasound Images

Juan Shan, Heng-Da Cheng, Yuxuan Wang

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.47

Robust Modeling and Recognition of Hand Gestures with DBN

Heung-Il Suk, Bong-Kee Sin, Seong-Whan Lee

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.48

Tracking of Persons for Video Surveillance of Unattended Environments

Suyu Kong, Manas Kamal Bhuyan, Conrad Sanderson, Brian Carrington Lovell

14:40-17:30, Paper ThBCT9.49

Analytical Method for MGRF Potts Model Parameter Estimation

Asem Ali, Aly A. Farag, Georgy Gimel'farb