Tuesday Session Index

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09:00-10:00, TuPL1 Tuesday Plenary Session 1

Limitations of Content-based Image Retrieval

Theo Pavlidis

13:30-14:30, TuPL2 Tuesday Plenary Session 2

Recent Developments in the Study of Rapid Human Movements Using Kinematic Theory

Réjean Plamondon

TuAT1 T1P6OR7 Segmentation, Color and Texture (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT1.1

Saliency Cuts: An Automatic Approach to Object Segmentation

Yu Fu, Jian Cheng, Zhenglong Li, Hanqing Lu

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT1.2

An Approach for Dynamic Combination of Region and Boundary Information in Segmentation

Mohand Said Allili, Djemel Ziou

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT1.3

Image Segmentation by Convex Quadratic Programming

Mariano Rivera, Oscar Dalmau Cedeño, Josue Tago

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT1.4

Beyond Partitions: Allowing Overlapping Groups in Pairwise Clustering

Andrea Torsello, Samuel Rota Bulo', Marcello Pelillo

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT1.5

Locally Invariant Texture Analysis from the Topographic Map

Gui-Song Xia, Julie Delon, Yann Gousseau

12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT1.6

Texture Classification with Minimal Training Images

Alireza Tavakoli Targhi, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Andrew Zisserman

TuAT2 T1P6OR3 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT2.1

Human Action Recognition with Line and Flow Histograms

Nazli Ikizler, Ramazan Gokberk Cinbis, Pinar Duygulu

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT2.2

3D Shape Context and Distance Transform for Action Recognition

Matthias Grundmann, Franziska Meier, Irfan Essa

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT2.3

Clothes-Invariant Gait Identification Using Part-Based Adaptive Weight Control

Md. Altab Hossain, Yasushi Makihara, Junqui Wang, Yasushi Yagi

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT2.4

Geometric Constraints on 2D Action Models for Tracking Human Body

Alexei Gritai, Arslan Basharat, Mubarak Shah

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT2.5

Human Activity Recognition from Frame's Spatiotemporal Representation

Zhipeng Zhao, Ahmed Elgammal

12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT2.6

Action Recognition Based on Homography Constraints

Yuping Shen, Nazim Ashraf, Hassan Foroosh

TuAT3 T2P6OR4 Machine Learning and Data Mining (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT3.1

Collaborative Learning by Boosting in Distributed Environments

Shijun Wang, Changshui Zhang

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT3.2

Asymmetric Real Adaboost

Zhanjun Wang, Chi Fang, Xiaoqing Ding

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT3.3

A New Objective Function for Sequence Labeling

Yuta Tsuboi, Hisashi Kashima

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT3.4

Generalized Criteria for Uniqueness of Gibbs Measures

Hongbo Zhou, Zhiming Zheng

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT3.5

A Matrix Alignment Approach for Link Prediction

Jerry Scripps, Pang-Ning Tan, Feilong Chen, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian

TuAT4 T5P6OR2 Handwriting Recognition (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT4.1

Character Recognition under Severe Perspective Distortion

Linlin Li, Chew-Lim Tan

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT4.2

Improvements in Hidden Markov Model Based Arabic OCR

Rohit Prasad, Shirin Saleem, Matin Kamali, Ralf Meermeier, P. Natarajan

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT4.3

Convex Hull Based Approach for Multi-Oriented Character Recognition from Graphical Documents

Partha Pratim Roy, Umapada Pal, Josep Llados, Fumitaka Kimura

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT4.4

Neural Net Vector Quantizers for Discrete HMM-Based On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard-Note Recognition

Joachim Schenk, Gerhard Rigoll

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT4.5

A New HMM for On-Line Character Recognition Using Pen-Direction and Pen-Coordinate Features

Yoshinori Katayama, Seiichi Uchida, Hiroaki Sakoe

TuAT5 T6P6OR1 Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT5.1

Fast Protein Homology and Fold Detection with Sparse Spatial Sample Kernels

Pavel Kuksa, Pai-Hsi Huang, Vladimir Pavlovic

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT5.2

Segmentation of Overlapping/aggregating Nuclei Cells in Biological images

Florence Cloppet, Arnaud Boucher

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT5.3

Subject-Independent Brain Computer Interface through Boosting

Shijian Lu, Cuntai Guan, Haihong Zhang

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT5.4

Fast and Automatic Reconstruction of Structured Illumination Microscopy Images with Multiscale Products

Clovis Tauber, Pedro Felipe Gardeazabal Rodriguez, Vincent Loriette, Nicolas Chenouard, Benoit Dubertret, Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT5.5

Pattern Rejection Strategies for the Design of Self-Paced EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces

Fabien Lotte, Harold Mouchère, Anatole Lécuyer

12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT5.6

A New Approach for Automatic Analysis of 3D Low Dose CT Images for Accurate Monitoring the Detected Lung Nodules

Ayman El-Baz, Georgy Gimel'farb, Robert Falk, Mohamed Abo El-Ghar

TuAT6 T7P6OR1 Fingerprint Recognition (Oral)

10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT6.1

Fake Fingertip Generation from a Minutiae Template

Javier Galbally, Raffaele Cappelli, Alessandra Lumini, Davide Maltoni, Julian Fierrez

10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT6.2

Fingerprint Orientation Analysis with Topological Modeling

Zujun Hou, Jun Li, Hwee Keong Lam, Tai Pang Chen, Hee Lin Wang, Wei-Yun Yau

11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT6.3

Adaptive Pore Model for Fingerprint Pore Extraction

Qijun Zhao, Lei Zhang, David Zhang, Nan Luo, Jing Bao

11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT6.4

Securing Fingerprint Template: Fuzzy Vault with Minutiae Descriptors

Abhishek Nagar, Karthik Nandakumar, Anil Jain

11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT6.5

Generative Models for Fingerprint Individuality Using Ridge Models

Chang Su, Sargur Srihari

12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT6.6

Comparative Analysis of Registration Based and Registration Free Methods for Cancelable Fingerprint Biometrics

Achint Thomas, Nalini Ratha, Jonathan Connell, Ruud Bolle

TuAT8 T4PO1 Multimedia Processing and Content-Based Information Retrieval (Posters)

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.1

Block-Diagonal Form of Distance Matrix for Region-Based Image Retrieval

Dmitry Kinoshenko, Vladimir Mashtalir, Elena Yegorova

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.2

Depth-Based Image Mosaicing for Both Static and Dynamic Scenes

Qi Zhi, Jeremy Cooperstock

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.3

Synthesizing 3D Videos by a Motion-Conditioned Background Mosaic

Swenja Rothaus, Kai Rothaus, Xiaoyi Jiang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.4

An Efficient Gradient Computation Approach to Discriminative Fusion Optimization in Semantic Concept Detection

Chengyuan Ma, Chin-Hui Lee

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.5

Re-Ranking of Image Search Results Using a Graph Algorithm

Hilal Zitouni, Sare Gul Sevil, Derya Ozkan, Pinar Duygulu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.6

Collaborative and Content-Based Image Labeling

Ning Zhou, William K. Cheung, Xiangyang Xue, Guoping Qiu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.7

Audi-Visual Event Classification Via Spatial-Temporal-Audio Words

Yu Cao, Sung Baang, Shih-Hsi “Alex” Liu, Ming Li, Sanqing Hu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.8

Video Summarization with Supervised Learning

Jayanta Basak, Varun Luthra, Santanu Chaudhury

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.9

Using an Artificial Imagination for Texture Retrieval

Bart Thomee, Mark Huiskes, Erwin M. Bakker, Michael Lew

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.11

Fast and Robust Image Identification

Paul Brasnett, Miroslaw Bober

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.12

Tile-Based Image Visual Codeword Extraction for Efficient Indexing and Retrieval

Zhiyong Zhang, Olfa Nasraoui

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.13

Image-Based Automatic Detection of Indoor Scene Events and Interactive Inquiry

Kazuhiro Maki, Noriaki Katayama, Nobutaka Shimada, Yoshiaki Shirai

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.14

Free-Hand Sketch Grouping for Video Retrieval

John Philip Collomosse, Graham McNeill, Leon Adam Watts

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.15

Efficient Meta-Information Annotation and View-Dependent Representation System for 3D Objects on the Web

Yukiko Kawai, Shogo Tazawa, Ryo Furukawa, Hiroshi Kawasaki

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT8.16

Visual Features with Semantic Combination Using Bayesian Network for a More Effective Image Retrieva

Sabine Barrat, Salvatore Tabbone

TuAT9 T1PO2 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Image Modelling and Scene Understanding / Object Description and Recognition (Posters)

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.1

A Novel 3-D Motion Estimation Approach to Virtual Viewpoint Control

Ying Kin Yu, Siu Hang Or, Kin Hong Wong, Kai Ki Lee

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.2

Real-Time Foreground Segmentation from Dynamic Backgrounds on GPUs using Local Online Learning and Global Graph Cut Optimization

Minglun Gong, Li Cheng

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.3

Detecting Shadows of Moving Vehicles Based on HMM

Yuxuan Wang, Heng-Da Cheng, Juan Shan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.4

Robust Relative Pose Estimation with Integrated Cheirality Constraint

Wei Xu, Jane Mulligan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.5

Automatic Face and Facial Features Initialization for Robust and Accurate Tracking

Murad Al Haj, Javier Orozco, Jordi Gonzalez, Juanjo Villanueva

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.6

Computing Multiple View Geometry in Space-Time from Mutual Projections of Multiple Cameras

Cheng Wan, Jun Sato

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.7

Automatic Generation of HMM Topology for Sign Language Recognition

Tadashi Matsuo, Yoshiaki Shirai, Nobutaka Shimada

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.8

Back to the Future: Robust Foreground Extraction with Reversed-Time Background Modeling

Akhilesh Kumar Sinha, Prithwijit Guha, Amitabha Mukerjee

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.9

Motion Estimation Approach Based on Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets

Changzhu Wu, Qing Wang, Hongxiao Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.10

Tracking a Firefly -A Modified Particle Filter for Variable Appearance Object Tracking

Yoshihiko Tsukamoto, Yusuke Matsumoto, Toshikazu Wada

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.11

An Empirical Comparison of High Definition Video and Regular Video in Optical Flow Computation

Jeremy Adkins-Hill, James Fortunato, Yong Zhang, John Sullins

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.12

A Method of Small Object Detection and Tracking Based on Particle Filters

Yu Huang, Joan Llach, Chao Zhang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.13

Camera Calibration for Uneven Terrains by Observing Pedestrians

Imran N. Junejo

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.14

Video Object Segmentation Based on Graph Cut with Dynamic Shape Prior Constraint

Peng Tang, Lin Gao

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.15

Motion Recognition Based on Dynamic-Time Warping Method with Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network

Shogo Okada, Osamu Hasegawa

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.16

2D and 3D Upper Body Tracking with One Framework

Lei Zhang, Jixu Chen, Zhi Zeng, Qiang Ji

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.17

Real Time Appearance Based Hand Tracking

Michael Donoser, Horst Bischof

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.18

Improvement on Mean Shift Based Tracking Using Second-Order Information

Lijuan Xiao, Peihua Li

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.19

Calibration-Free Camera Hand-Over for Fast and Reliable Person Tracking in Multi-Camera Setups

Birgit Moeller, Thomas Ploetz, Gernot Fink

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.20

Recursive Structure and Motion Estimation from Noisy Uncalibrated Video Sequences

Du Huynh, Anders Heyden

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.21

Probabilistic Mixtures of Differential Profiles for Shape Recognition

Lei Ding, Mikhail Belkin

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.22

Multilinear Analysis Based on Image Texture for Face Recognition

Hu-chuan Lu, Hao Chen, Yen-wei Chen

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.23

Color Filtering-Based Efficient Face Detection

Yeong Nam Chae, Ji-nyun Chung, Hyun Seung Yang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.25

Identification and Pose under Severe Occlusion in Range Images

Pilar Merchán, Antonio Adán Oliver, Santiago Salamanca

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.26

Directional Entropy Feature for Human Detection

Long Meng, Liang Li, Shuqi Mei, Weiguo Wu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.27

A Coordinate System for Articulated 2D Shape Point Correspondences

Adrian Ion, Yll Haxhimusa, Walter Kropatsch, Salvador Buenaventura López Mármol

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.28

Improved Guassian Mixtures for Robust Object Detection by Adaptive Multi-Background Generation

Mahfuzul Haque, Manzur Murshed, Manoranjan Paul

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.29

Lie Group Distance Based Generic 3-D Vehicle Classification

Pradeep Yarlagadda, Ozge Can Ozcanli, Joseph Mundy

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.30

Bi-Model Tracking of Object of Interest Using Invariant Spatiogram Descriptor

Jun Li, Wei-Yun Yau, Jian-Gang Wang, Wee Ser

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.31

Monocular Multi-Human Detection Using Augmented Histograms of Oriented Gradients

Cheng-Hsiung Chuang, Shih-Shinh Huang, Li-Chen Fu, Pei-Yung Hsiao

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.32

Bilateral Symmetry of Object Silhouettes under Perspective Projection

Konstantinos Bitsakos, Li Yi, Hyoungjune Yi, Cornelia Fermuller

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.33

Application of the Wrapper Framework for Image Object Detection

Michael Farmer

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.34

3D Face Recognition with the Average-Half-Face

Josh Harguess, Shalini Gupta, J. K. Aggarwal

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.35

Object Labeling for Recognition Using Vocabulary Trees

Slobodan Ilic

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.36

Recognition of Box-Like Objects by Fusing Cues of Shape and Edges

Chia-Chih Chen, J. K. Aggarwal

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.37

3D Object Recognition by Fast Spherical Correlation between Combined View EGIs and PFT

Donghui Wang, Hui Qian

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.38

Registration by Using a Pseudo Color Attribute

Felipe Trujillo Romero, Michel Devy

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.39

Object Detection at Multiple Scales Improves Accuracy

Stanley Bileschi

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.40

Object Localization Using Affine Invariant Substructure Constraints

Ishani Chakraborty, Ahmed Elgammal

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.41

Shape from Self-Calibration and Fast Marching Method

Yuji Iwahori, Takashi Nakagawa, Robert J. Woodham, Shinji Fukui, Haruki Kawanaka

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.42

Stereo Matching Using Random Walks

Rui Shen, Irene Cheng, Xiaobo Li, Anup Basu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.43

Combining Shape-From-Shading and Stereo Using Gaussian-Markov Random Fields

Tom S F Haines, Richard Wilson

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.44

Depth Recovery Using Defocus Blur at Infinity

Huei-Yung Lin, Kai-Da Gu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.45

Epipolar Geometry and Log–Polar Transform in Wide Baseline Stereo Matching

Kimmo Palander, Sami Sebastian Brandt

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.46

Direct 3-D Shape Recovery from Image Sequence Based on Multi-Scale Bayesian Network

Norio Tagawa, Junya Kawaguchi, Shoichi Naganuma, Kan Okubo

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.47

Asymmetric Post-Processing for Stereo Correspondence

Dongbo Min, Juhyun Oh, Kwanghoon Sohn

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.48

Approximation of Salient Contours in Cluttered Scenes

Rui Huang, Nong Sang, QiLing Tang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.49

Joint Segmentation and Registration of Elastically Deformable Objects

Gilad Cohen, Joseph Francos, Rami Hagege

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.50

Image-Based Plant Modeling by Knowing Leaves from Their Apexes

Wei Ma, Hongbin Zha, Jia Liu, Xiaopeng Zhang, Bo Xiang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.51

Image Mosaicing Using Local Optical Flow Registration

Nadège Rebière, Marie-Flavie Auclair-Fortier, François Deschênes

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT9.52

Resolution Enhancement for Binocular Stereo

Arnav Bhavsar, Ambasamudram Rajagopalan

TuAT10 T3PO3 Image, Speech and Signal Analysis (Posters)

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.2

Facial Expression Analysis with Facial Expression Deformation

Sungsoo Park, Jongju Shin, Daijin Kim

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.3

Semantic Feature Extraction for Accurate Eye Corner Detection

Cui Xu, Ying Zheng, Zengfu Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.4

Automatic Road Sign Detection Method Based on Color Barycenters Hexagon Model

Qieshi Zhang, Sei-ichiro Kamata

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.5

An Incremental Method for Accurate Iris Segmentation

Peihua Li, Xiaomin Liu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.6

A Comparative Evaluation of Average Face on Holistic and Local Face Recognition Approaches

Sanqiang Zhao, Xiaozheng Zhang, Yongsheng Gao

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.7

Hallucinating Facial Images and Features

Bo Li, Hong Chang, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen, Wen Gao

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.8

Robust Outdoor Text Detection Using Text Intensity and Shape Features

Zongyi Liu, Sudeep Sarkar

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.9

Illumination Transition Image: Parameter-Based Illumination Estimation and Re-Rendering

Jianyi Liu, Nanning Zheng, Lei Xiong, Gaofeng Meng, Shaoyi Du

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.10

Directionality Measurement and Illumination Estimation of 3D Surface Textures by Using Mojette Transform

Peng Jia, Junyu Dong, Lin Qi, Florent Autrusseau

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.11

Validation of Correspondences in Mlesac Robust Estimation

Houman Rastgar, Liang Zhang, Demin Wang, Eric Dubois

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.12

A Graph Cut Based Active Contour without Edges with Relaxed Homogeneity Constraint

Noha El-Zehiry, Adel Elmaghraby

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.13

An Affinity Propagation Based Method for Vector Quantization Codebook Design

Wu Jiang, Fei Ding, Qiao-Liang Xiang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.14

Appearance Enhancement Using a Projector-Camera Feedback System

Toshiyuki Amano, Hirokazu Kato

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.15

Detection of Digital Processing of Images through a Realistic Model of CCD Noise

Jean-Baptiste Maillard, Daniel Lévesque, François Deschênes

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.16

Using Collaborative Learning for Image Contrast Enhancement

Yuchou Chang, Dah-Jye Lee, James Archibald, Yi Hong

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.17

Phase-Adaptive Image Signal Fusion Using Complex-Valued Wavelets

Alexander Wong, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.18

Complex Background Modeling and Motion Detection Based on Texture Pattern Flow

Baochang Zhang, Yongsheng Gao, Bineng Zhong

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.20

A Fast Algorithm of Video Super-Resolution Using Dimensionality Reduction by DCT and Example Selection

Kiyotaka Watanabe, Yoshio Iwai, Tetsuji Haga, Masahiko Yachida

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.21

Object Recognition and Segmentation Using SIFT and Graph Cuts

Akira Suga, Keita Fukuda, Tetsuya Takiguchi, Yasuo Ariki

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.22

Impulse Noise Removal by Spectral Clustering and Regularization on Graphs

Olivier Lezoray, Vinh Thong Ta, Abderrahim Elmoataz

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.23

Collaborate Ball and Player Trajectory Extraction in Broadcast Soccer Video

Yi Zhang, Hanqing Lu, Changsheng Xu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.24

Detection of Representative Frames of a Shot Using Multivariate Wald-Wolfowitz Test

Partha Pratim Mohanta, Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Bhabotosh Chanda

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.25

The Lattice Width and Quasi-Straightness in Digital Spaces

Fabien Feschet

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.26

Object Boundary Extraction Using Active B-Snake Model

Yue Wang, Eam Khwang Teoh, Zujun Hou, Jiangang Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.27

Video Attention: Learning to Detect a Salient Object Sequence

Tie Liu, Nanning Zheng, Wei Ding, Zejian Yuan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.28

Tree-Serial Dynamic Programming for Image Processing

Andrey Kopylov

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.29

Edge-Preserving Unscented Kalman Filter for Speckle Reduction

Sai Subrahmanyam, Rajagopalan Ambasamudram, Aravind Rangarajan, Gerhard Rigoll

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.30

Robust and Precise Eye Detection Based on Locally Selective Projection

Ying Zheng, Zengfu Wang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.31

Reducing Noise and Redundancy in Registered Range Data for Planar Surface Extraction

Agnes Swadzba, Anna-Lisa Vollmer, Marc Hanheide, Sven Wachsmuth

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.32

Video Denoising Via Discrete Regularization on Graphs

Mahmoud Ghoniem, Youssef Chahir, Abderrahim Elmoataz

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.33

Nonlocal Morphological Levelings by Partial Difference Equations Over Weighted Graphs

Vinh Thong Ta, Abderrahim Elmoataz, Olivier Lezoray

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.34

Toward an Interactive Device for Quick News Story Browsing

Monji Kherallah, Hichem Karray, Mehdi Ellouze, Adel.M Alimi

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.35

Efficient Video Text Detection Using Edge Features

Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Weihua Huang, Chew-Lim Tan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.36

Image Deblurring with Blur Kernel Estimation from a Reference Image Patch

Po-Hao Huang, Yu-Mo Lin, Shang-Hong Lai

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.37

Detecting Moving Text in Video Using Temporal Information

Weihua Huang, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Chew-Lim Tan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.38

Automatic Video Annotation with Adaptive Number of Key Words

Fangshi Wang, Wei Lu, Jingen Liu, Mubarak Shah, De Xu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.39

Human Action Recognition Using Temporal-State Shape Contexts

Pei-Chi Hsiao, Chu-Song Chen, Long-Wen Chang

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.40

Invariant Visual Patterns for Video Copy Detection

Xiao Wu, Yongdong Zhang, Yufeng Wu, Junbo Guo, Jintao Li

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.41

Anomalous Trajectory Patterns Detection

Claudio Piciarelli, Christian Micheloni, Gianluca Foresti

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.42

Image Categorization by a Classifier Based on Probabilistic Topic Model

Takuma Yamaguchi, Minoru Maruyama

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.43

Denighting: Enhancement of Nighttime Images for a Surveillance Camera

Akito Yamasaki, Hidenori Takauji, Shun'ichi Kaneko, Takeo Kanade, Hidehiro Ohki

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.44

Removing Salt-And-Pepper Noise from Binary Images of Engineering Drawings

Hasan S. M. Al-Khaffaf, Abdullah Z. Talib, Rosalina Abdul Salam

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.45

Face Super-Resolution Using 8-Connected Markov Random Fields with Embedded Prior

Kai Guo, Xiaokang Yang, Rui Zhang, Guangtao Zhai, Songyu Yu

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.46

Finding the Splitting Vector for Image Resolution Up-Conversion

Xinyu Xu, Hao Pan

10:00-12:30, Paper TuAT10.47

A Scene-Based Video Watermarking Technique Using SVMs

Shwu-Huey Yen, Hsiao-Wei Chang, Chia Jen Wang, Patrick Wang, Mei-Chueh Chang

TuBT1 T1P3OR6 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT1.1

Camera Motion Filtering and its Applications

Jiang Gao

15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT1.2

A Layered Method of Visibility Resolving in Depth Image-Based Rendering

Yu Huang, Chao Zhang

15:20-15:40, Paper TuBT1.3

Vector Field Resampling Using Local Streamline Approximation

Mani Thomas, Chandra Kambhamettu, Cathleen Geiger

TuBT2 T1P3OR5 Image Modelling and Scene Understanding (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT2.1

Recognizing Actions from Still Images

Nazli Ikizler, Ramazan Gokberk Cinbis, Selen Pehlivan, Pinar Duygulu

15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT2.2

Image Classification: Are Rule-Based Systems Effective When Classes Are Fixed and Known?

Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Deepu Ranjan, Suresh Anand Sadananthan

15:20-15:40, Paper TuBT2.3

A Novel Gaussianized Vector Representation for Natural Scene Categorization

Xi Zhou, Xiaodan Zhuang, Hao Tang, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Thomas Huang

TuBT3 T2P3OR4 Machine Learning and Data Mining (oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT3.1

Adaptive Nonstationary Regression Analysis

Olga Krasotkina, Vadim Mottl

15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT3.2

On the Efficient Minimization of Convex Surrogates in Supervised Learning

Richard Nock, Frank Nielsen

15:20-15:40, Paper TuBT3.3

Data Mining for Sparse Data

Wen-Hui Lo, Sin-Horng Chen

TuBT4 T5P3OR2 Document Analysis Applications (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT4.1

Structural Poisson Mixtures for Classification of Documents

Jiří Grim, Jana Novovičová, Petr Somol

15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT4.2

A Stochastic Nearest Neighbor Character Prototype Approach for Online Writer Identification

Guoxian Tan, Christian Viard-Gaudin, Alex Kot

15:20-15:40, Paper TuBT4.3

Video Caption Duration Extraction

Hongliang Bai, Jun Sun, Satoshi Naoi, Yutaka Katsuyama, Yoshinobu Hotta, Katsuhito Fujimoto

TuBT5 T6P3OR1 Microarray Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition for Genomics and Proteomics (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT5.1

A Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm Using a Correlation Metrics and Gene Ontolog

Mingrui Zhang, Terry Therneau, Michael McKenzie, Peter Li, Ping Yang


15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT5.2

Neurofuzzy Segmentation of Microarray Images

S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, G. Gallo, G. C. Guarnera


TuBT6 T7P3OR1 Iris Recognition (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper TuBT6.1

Counterfeit Iris Detection Based on Texture Analysis

Zhuoshi Wei, Xianchao Qiu, Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan

15:00-15:20, Paper TuBT6.2

Synthesis of Large Realistic Iris Databases Using Patch-Based Sampling

Zhuoshi Wei, Tieniu Tan, Zhenan Sun

15:20-15:40, Paper TuBT6.3

Adaptive Asymmetrical SVM and Genetic Algorithms Based Iris Recognition

Kaushik Roy, Prabir Bhattacharya

TuCT1 T1P4OR7 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT1.1

HMM-Based Unusual Motion Detection without Tracking

Ákos Utasi, Laszlo Czuni

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT1.2

A Novel Method for Real-Time Multiple Moving Targets Detection from Moving IR Camera

Fenghui Yao, Ali Sekmen, Mohan Malkani

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT1.3

Training Sequential On-Line Boosting Classifier for Visual Tracking

Helmut Grabner, Jan Sochman, Horst Bischof, Jiri Matas

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCT1.4

Tracking across Non-Overlapping Views Via Geometry

Roman Pflugfelder, Horst Bischof

TuCT2 T1P4OR4 Features and Image Descriptors (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT2.1

A Contrast Equalization Procedure for Change Detection Algorithms: Applications to Remotely Sensed Images of Urban Areas

Alexandre Fournier, Pierre Weiss, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Gilles Louis Aubert

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT2.2

View-Invariant Full-Body Gesture Recognition from Video

Bo Peng, Gang Qian, Stjepan Rajko

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT2.3

3D Face Recognition Using Sparse Spherical Representations

Roser Sala Llonch, Effrosyni Kokiopoulou, Ivana Tosic, Pascal Frossard

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCT2.4

Interactive Feature Visualization for Image Retrieval

Johannes Imo, Sebastian Klenk, Gunther Heidemann

TuCT3 T2P4OR6 Machine Learning and Data Mining (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT3.1

Component-Wise Parameter Smoothing for Learning Mixture Models

Chandan Reddy, Bala Rajratnam

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT3.2

On Second Order Operators and Quadratic Operators

Michael Felsberg

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT3.3

Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning with Redundant Views

Yun-Chao Gong, Chuanliang Chen, Yingjie Tian

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCT3.4

Semi-Supervised Feature Selection under Logistic I-RELIEF Framework

Yubo Cheng, Yunpeng Cai, Yijun Sun, Jian Li

TuCT4 T3P4OR2 Pattern Classification and Applications (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT4.1

Weightlessness Feature — a Novel Feature for Single Tri-Axial Accelerometer Based Activity Recognition

Zhenyu He, Zhibin Liu, Lianwen Jin, Lixin Zhen, Jiancheng Huang

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT4.2

Efficient Automated Method for Image-Based Classification of Microbial Cells

Pekka Ruusuvuori, Jenni Seppälä, Timo Erkkilä, Antti Lehmussola, Jaakko A. Puhakka, Olli Yli-Harja

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT4.3

Motherese Detection Based on Segmental and Supra-Segmental Features

Ammar Mahdhaoui, M. Chetouani, Cong Zong

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCT4.4

Shape-Based Matching of Heart Sounds

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, Fei Wang

TuCT5 T6P4OR1 Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT5.1

Internal Evaluation of Registration Results for Radiographic Images

Boris Peter Selby, Georgios Sakas, Stefan Walter, Wolf-Dieter Groch, Uwe Stilla

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT5.2

Imgaging Biomarker Analysis of Rat Mammary Fat Pads and Glandular Tissues in Mri Images

Yimo Tao, Jianhua Xuan, Matthew Freedman, Gloria Chepko, Peter Shields, Wang Yue

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT5.3

Image Analysis Approach for Identification of Renal Transplant Rejection

Ayman El-Baz, Georgy Gimel'farb, Mohamed Abo El-Ghar

TuCT6 T7P4OR1 Face Recognition (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper TuCT6.1

Online Personal Identification in Night Using Multiple Face Representation

Ajay Kumar, T. Srikanth

16:30-16:50, Paper TuCT6.2

3D Face Recognition Using the Surface Interpenetration Measure: A Comparative Evaluation on the FRGC Database

Chauã Coluene Queirolo, Luciano Silva, Olga Regina Pereira Bellon, Mauricio Pamplona Segundo

16:50-17:10, Paper TuCT6.3

Facial Expression Recognition from Near-Infrared Video Sequences

Matti Taini, Guoying Zhao, Stan Z. Li, Matti Pietikäinen

17:10-17:30, Paper TuCT6.4

Verification of Human Faces Using Predicted Eiegnvalues

Bappaditya Mandal, Xudong Jiang, Alex Kot

TuBCT8 T1PO5 Computer Vision Applications / Segmentation, Color and Texture / Object Description and Recognition (Posters)

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.1

Real-Time Face Alignment with Tracking in Video

Yanchao Su, Haizhou Ai, Shihong Lao

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.2

Attention-Based Video Reframing: Validation Using Eye-Tracking

Christel Chamaret, Olivier Le Meur

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.3

Three-Dimensional Cell Counting for In-Situ Microscopy

Geovanni Martinez, Jan-Gerd Frerichs, Guido Rudolph, Thomas Scheper

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.4

3D Shape Reconstruction from Incomplete Silhouettes in Multiple Frames

Masahiro Toyoura, Masaaki Iiyama, Takuya Funatomi, Koh Kakusho, Michihiko Minoh

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.5

A Performance Controllable Octree Construction Method

Zen Chen, Hong-Long Chou, WenChao Chen

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.6

3D Human Posture Estimation Using the HOG Features from Monocular Image

Katsunori Onishi, Tetsuya Takiguchi, Yasuo Ariki

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.7

Real-Time Detection and Interpretation of 3D Deictic Gestures for Interaction with an Intelligent Environment

Jan Richarz, Thomas Ploetz, Gernot Fink

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.8

Refining PTZ Camera Calibration

Imran N. Junejo, Hassan Foroosh

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.9

The Projective Equation of a Circle and Its Application in Camera Calibration

Yinqiang Zheng, Yuncai Liu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.10

GPS Coordinate Estimation from Calibrated Cameras

Imran N. Junejo, Hassan Foroosh

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.11

A Probabilistic Approach for Tracking Fibers

Michael Donoser, Thomas Mauthner, Horst Bischof, Johannes Kritzinger

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.12

Quasi-Euclidean Uncalibrated Epipolar Rectification

Andrea Fusiello, Luca Irsara

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.13

Regular Texture Removal for Video Stabilization

Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Puglisi, Arcangelo R. Bruna

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.14

Real-Time Camera Position and Posture Estimation Using a Feature Landmark Database with Priorities

Takafumi Taketomi, Tomokazu Sato, Naokazu Yokoya

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.15

Human Reappearance Detection Based on On-Line Learning

Lei Hu, Yizhou Wang, Shuqiang Jiang, Qingming Huang, Wen Gao

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.16

Non-Rigid Image Registration Based on the Globally Optimized Correspondences

Hyung Il Koo, Jung Gap Kuk, Nam Ik Cho

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.17

Wire Detection in Low-Altitude, Urban, and Low-Quality Video Frames

Joshua Candamo, Dmitry Goldgof

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.18

Automatic Geo-Registration of Maritime Video Feeds

Xiaochun Cao, Zeeshan Rasheed, Haiying Liu, Niels Haering

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.19

Effective Scene Matching with Local Feature Representatives

Shugao Ma, Weiqiang Wang, Qingming Huang, Shuqiang Jiang, Wen Gao

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.20

Robust Auto-Calibration of a PTZ Camera with Non-Overlapping FOV

Nazim Ashraf, Hassan Foroosh

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.21

Road Region Estimation Using a Sequence of Monocular Images

Koichiro Yamaguchi, Akihiro Watanabe, Takashi Naito, Yoshiki Ninomiya

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.22

Medical Image Segmentation Via Min S-T Cuts with Sides Constraints

Jiun-Hung Chen, Linda Shapiro

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.23

An Effective Method for Detection and Segmentation of the Body of Human in the View of a Single Stationary Camera

Hu-chuan Lu, Chunhua Jia, Ruijuan Zhang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.24

Metal-Dielectric Object Classification by Polarization Degree Map

Shoji Tominaga, Tetsuya Yamamoto

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.25

Spatio-Temporal 3D Pose Estimation and Tracking of Human Body Parts Using the Shape Flow Algorithm

Markus Hahn, Lars Krueger, Christian Wöhler

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.26

Image Segmentation towards Natural Clusters

Zhigang Tan, Nelson Yung

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.27

A Random Walker Based Approach to Combining Multiple Segmentations

Pakaket Wattuya, Kai Rothaus, Jörg-Stefan Praßni, Xiaoyi Jiang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.28

Contour Grouping with Shape Manifold and Distance Transform

Qi Zou, SiWei Luo, Yaping Huang, Yan Li

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.29

Segmentation by Combining Parametric Optical Flow with a Color Model

Adrian Ulges, Thomas Breuel

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.30

Evolving Boundary Detectors for Natural Images Via Genetic Programming

Ilan Kadar, Ohad Ben-Shahar, Moshe Sipper

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.31

On Segmentation Evaluation Metrics and Region Counts

Allan Hanbury, Julian Stoettinger

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.32

Active Contour Algorithm for Texture Segmentation Using a Texture Feature Set

Sandro Vega-Pons, Jose Luis Gil Rodriguez, Oscar Luis Vera

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.33

Detecting Changes in Multilayered Orthoimages with Spatiotemporal Texture Blocks

Roland Miezianko, Dragoljub Pokrajac

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.34

Classifiability Criteria for Refining of Random Walks Segmentation

Steven Rysavy, Arturo Flores, Reyes Enciso, Kazunori Okada

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.35

Top down Image Segmentation Using Congealing and Graph-Cut

Douglas Moore, John Stevens, Scott Lundberg, Bruce A. Draper

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.36

Watershed Framework to Region-Based Image Segmentation

Fernando Jorge Coutinho Monteiro, Campilho Aurélio

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.37

Background Subtraction Technique Based on Chromaticity and Intensity Patterns

Ariel Amato, Mikhail Mozerov, Ivan Huerta, Jordi Gonzalez, Juanjo Villanueva

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.38

Accelerating Active Contour Algorithms with the Gradient Diffusion Field

Willie Kiser, Pradeep Sen, Chris Musial

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.39

A Fast Hierarchical Approach to Image Segmentation

Zhouyu Fu, Antonio Robles-Kelly

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.40

Boosted Cannabis Image Recognition for the Protection of Children from Inappropriate Internet Content

Nianhua Xie, Xi Li, Xiaoqin Zhang, Weiming Hu, James Wang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.41

3D Object Localization Based on Occluding Contour Using STL CAD Model

Kenichi Maruyama, Yoshihiro Kawai, Takashi Yoshimi, Fumiaki Tomita

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.42

3D Localization of Partially Buried Object in Unstructured Environment

Kenichi Maruyama, Koji Oka, Ryuichi Takase, Yoshihiro Kawai, Takashi Yoshimi, Hironobu Takahashi, Fumiaki Tomita

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.43

GA Based Feature Generation for Training Cascade Object Detector

Qian Chen, Haiyuan Wu, Toshikazu Wada, Kazuyuki Masada

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.44

A Bottom-Up, View-Point Invariant Human Detector

Nicolas Thome, Sebastien Ambellouis

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.45

Robust Decomposition of a Digital Curve into Convex and Concave Parts

Tristan Roussillon, Isabelle Sivignon, Laure Tougne

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.46

Kernel Functions for Robust 3D Surface Registration with Spectral Embeddings

Xiuwen Liu, Arturo Donate, Matthew Jemison, Washington Mio

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.47

Layered Object Categorization

Lei Yang, Jie Yang, Nanning Zheng, Hong Cheng

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.48

Variational Logistic Maximum a Posteriori Model Similarity and Dissimilarity Matching

John Chiverton, Majid Mirmehdi, Xianghua Xie

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.49

Calibration of Projector-Camera Systems from Virtual Mutual Projection

Fumihiko Sakaue, Jun Sato

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.50

3D Model Based Vehicle Localization by Optimizing Local Gradient Based Fitness Evaluation

Zhaoxiang Zhang, Min Li, Huang Kaiqi, Tieniu Tan

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.51

Online Object Recognition by MSER Trajectories

Hayko Riemenschneider, Michael Donoser, Horst Bischof

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.52

Compact Algorithm for Strictly ML Ellipse Fitting

Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuyuki Sugaya

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.53

Automatic Bi-Layer Video Segmentation Based on Sensor Fusion

Qiong Wu, Pierre Boulanger, Walter F. Bischof

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT8.54

Use of Band Ratioing for Building Illumination Independent Texture Classification Systems

Ruben Muniz, Jose A. Corrales, Manuel Rico-Secades

TuBCT9 T3PO1 Audio and Image Processing and Recognition (Posters)

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.1

Tree-Structure Lossless Coding Using Intervector Angle

Jun Rokui

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.2

Fourier Analysis of 2DT Hand Gesture Trajectories

Peter Harding, Tim Ellis

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.3

Adaptive Speech Enhancement with Varying Noise Backgrounds

Thorsten Kuehnapfel, Tele Tan, Svetha Venkatesh, Sven Nordholm, Burkhard Igel

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.5

Improving Recto Document Side Restoration with an Estimation of the Verso Side from a Single Scanned Page

Christian Wolf

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.6

Constrained Piecewise Linear Approximation of Digital Curves

Alexander Kolesnikov

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.7

Application of Triphone Clustering in Acoustic Modeling for Continuous Speech Recognition in Bengali

Pratyush Banerjee, Gaurav Garg, Pabitra Mitra, Anupam Basu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.8

A Mixed Markov Model for Change Detection in Aerial Photos with Large Time Differences

Csaba Benedek, Tamas Sziranyi

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.9

A New Global Shape Prior for Level Set Based Segmentation

Lei Zhang, Qiang Ji

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.10

Reversible Binary Image Data Hiding by Run-Length Histogram Modification

Guorong Xuan, Yun Q. Shi, Peiqi Chai, Xuefeng Tong, Jianzhong Teng, Jue Li

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.11

Double-Edge-Model Based Character Stroke Extraction from Complex Backgrounds

Jing Yu, Huang Lei, Changping Liu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.13

A Method for Removing Cyclic Artefacts in Discrete Tomography Using Latin Squares

Shekhar Suresh Chandra

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.14

Context Aware Privacy in Visual Surveillance

Simon Moncrieff, Svetha Venkatesh, Geoff West

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.15

Nonlocal Graph Regularization for Image Colorization

Olivier Lezoray, Vinh Thong Ta, Abderrahim Elmoataz

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.17

A Robust Iterative Multiframe SRR Based on Hampel Stochastic Estimation with Hampel-Tikhonov Regularization

Vorapoj Patanavijit

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.18

A Hybrid PNN-GMM Classification Scheme for Speech Emotion Recognition

Wee Ser, Ling Cen, Zhuliang Yu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.19

Moving Object Segmentation Using the 9/7-10/8 Dual-Tree Complex Filterbank

Aryaz Baradarani

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.20

The Structure Analysis of Ultra Thin Magnetic Film Images

Sergei Ablameyko, Alexander Nedzved, Alexei Belotserkovsky, Andrzej Maziewski, Wojciech Dobrogowski

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.21

Spatially-Variant Morphological Operations on Binary Images Based on the Polar Distance Transform

Kristin Norell, Joakim Lindblad

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.22

Gender Classification in Two Emotional Speech Databases

Margarita Kotti, Constantine Kotropoulos

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.23

Reversible Data Hiding of Full Color JPEG200 Compressed Bit-Stream Preserving Bit-Depth Information

Shogo Ohyama, Michiharu Niimi, Kazumi Yamawaki, Hideki Noda

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.24

Entropic Thresholding Based on Gray-Level Spatial Correlation Histogram

Yang Xiao, Zhiguo Cao

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.25

Improved Percolation-Based Method for Crack Detection in Concrete Surface Images

Tomoyuki Yamaguchi, Shuji Hashimoto

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.26

A Cellular Automaton for Ultra-Fast Watershed Segmentation on GPU

Claude Kauffmann, Nicolas Piche

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.27

Static Text Region Detection in Video Sequences Using Color and Orientation Consistencies

DaeHyun Kim, Kwanghoon Sohn

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.28

Feature Extraction Method Based on Cascade Noise Elimination for Sketch Recognition

Junyeong Yang, Hyeran Byun

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.29

Estimating 3D Fibre Orientation in Volume Images

Maria Axelsson

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.30

An Adaptive Monte Carlo Approach to Nonlinear Image Denoising

Alexander Wong, Akshaya Mishra

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.31

An Online Polygonal Approximation of Digital Signals and Curves with Dynamic Programming Algorithm

Alexander Kolesnikov

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.32

Video-Based Activity and Movement Pattern Analysis in Overnight Sleep Studies

Wen-Hung Liao, Chien-Ming Yang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.33

Breaking the YASS Algorithm Via Pixel and DCT Coefficients Analysis

Xiaoyi Yu, Noboru Babaguchi

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.34

A Density-Based Approach for Text Extraction in Images

Fang Liu, Xiang Peng, Tianjiang Wang, Songfeng Lu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.35

Convolutional Neural Network with Embedded Fourier Transform for EEG Classification

Hubert Cecotti, Axel Graeser

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.36

Multiple Classifier Applied on Predicting Microsleep from Speech

Jarek Krajewski, Anton Batliner, Rainer Wieland

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.37

A New Spatial Perceptual Mask for Image Watermarking

Xinshan Zhu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.38

Application of Graph Coloring in Physical Layout Segmentation

Djamel Gaceb, Veronique Eglin, Frank Flebourg@rfv.Insa-Lyon.Fr, Hubert Emptoz

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.39

A Device Enhancing and Denoising Algorithm for X-Ray Cardiac Fluoroscopy

Vincent Bismuth, Régis Vaillant

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.40

Every Color Chromakey

Atsushi Yamashita, Hiroki Agata, Toru Kaneko

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.41

Nondominated Sorting Evolution Strategy-Based K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Accent Classification

Sameeh Ullah

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.42

A Machine Learning Based Scheme for Double JPEG Compression Detection

Chunhua Chen, Yun Q. Shi, Wei Su

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.43

Image Annotation Refinement Using Semantic Similarity Correlation

Songhao Zhu, Yuncai Liu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.44

Polynomial Function Based Neutral-Emotion GMM Transformation for Speaker Recognition

Zhenyu Shan, Yingchun Yang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.45

3D Image Analysis for Evaluating Internal Deformation / Fracture Characteristics of Materials

Mitsuru Nakazawa, Yoshimitsu Aoki, Masakazu Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Toda

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.46

Improved Novel View Synthesis from Depth Image with Large Baseline

Chia-Ming Cheng, Shu-Jyuan Lin, Shang-Hong Lai, Chenny Jinn-Cherng Yang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.47

Detecting Information-Hiding in WAV Audios

Qingzhong Liu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.48

Tongue Line Extraction

Laura Liu, David Zhang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.49

Parametric Video Compression Using Appearance Space

Santanu Chaudhury, Subarna Tripathi, Sumantra Dutta Roy

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.50

A Novel Efficient Approach for Audio Segmentation

Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Aggelos Pikrakis, Sergios Theodoridis

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT9.51

How Effective Is Human Video Surveillance Performance?

Rangachar Kasturi, Noah Sulman, Thomas Sanocki, Dmitry Goldgof

TuBCT10 T5PO1 Document Analysis and Recognition (Posters)

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.1

Arbitrary Warped Document Image Restoration Based on Segmentation and Thin-Plate Splines

Yu Zhang, Changsong Liu, Xiaoqing Ding

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.2

Combining Content and Structure Similarity for XML Document Classification Using Composite SVM Kernels

Saptarshi Ghosh, Pabitra Mitra

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.3

Wang Notation Tool: A Layout Independent Representation of Tables

Piyushee Jha, George Nagy

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.4

Computer Graphics Identification Using Genetic Algorithm

Wen Chen, Yun Q. Shi, Guorong Xuan, Wei Su

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.5

Document Zone Classification Using Partial Least Squares and Hybrid Classifiers

Wael Abd-Almageed, Mudit Agrawal, Wontaek Seo, David Doermann

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.6

Clustering of Short Commercial Documents for the Web

Moreno Carullo, Elisabetta Binaghi, Ignazio Gallo, Nicola Lamberti

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.7

Histogram of Radon Transform. a Useful Descriptor for Shape Retrieval

Salvatore Tabbone, Oriol Ramos Terrades, Sabine Barrat

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.8

Offline Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition: A Segmentation Based Approach

Bikash Shaw, Swapan Kumar Parui, M. Shridhar

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.9

Efficient MRF Approach to Document Image Enhancement

Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, Gady Agam, Ophir Frieder

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.10

Stopword Detection in Compressed Textual Images: An Experiment on Indic Script Documents

Utpal Garain, Amit Kumar Das

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.11

Ancient Document Analysis Based on Text Line Extraction

Florian Kleber, Robert Sablatnig, Melanie Gau, Heinz Miklas

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.12

Spam Filtering with Several Novel Bayesian Classifiers

Chuanliang Chen, Yingjie Tian

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.13

A New Courtesy Amount Recognition Module of a Check Reading System

Wu Ding, Ching Y. Suen, Adam Krzyzak

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.14

Augment Document Image Binarization by Learning

Yuanping Zhu

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.15

Improved Document Image Binarization by Using a Combination of Multiple Binarization Techniques and Adapted Edge Information

B. Gatos, Ioannis Pratikakis, S. Perantonis

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.16

Curve Fitting Algorithm Using Iterative Error Minimization for Sketch Beautification

Junyeong Yang, Hyeran Byun

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.17

A Cascade Detector for Text Detection in Natural Scene Images

Shehzad Muhammad Hanif, Lionel Prevost, Pablo Negri

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.18

Template Selection for On-Line Signature Verification

Ningning Liu, Yunhong Wang

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.19

Recognition of Books by Verification and Retraining

Neeba N V, C. V. Jawahar

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.20

Real-Time Image Based Rendering Technique for Virtual City Modeling Using Eigen Texture Method

Ryo Sato, Shintaro Ono, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Katsushi Ikeuchi

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.21

A Geometric Approach for Accurate and Efficient Performance Evaluation of Layout Analysis Methods

David Bridson, Apostolos Antonacopoulos

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.22

A Symbol Graph Generation Approach to Handwritten Math Expression Recognition

Yu Shi, Frank Soong

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.23

Segmentation-Free Recognizer for Realistic Chinese Handwriting Based on Enhanced Four Plane Feature

Tong-Hua Su, Tian-Wen Zhang, Hu-Jie Huang, De-Jun Guan

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.24

A Novel Orientation Free Method for Online Unconstrained Cursive Handwritten Chinese Word Recognition

Teng Long, Lianwen Jin

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.25

Query by Table

Raghav Padmanabhan, George Nagy

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.26

An Evaluation Survey of Binarization Algorithms on Historical Documents

Pavlos Stathis, Ergina Kavallieratou, Nikolaos Papamarkos

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.27

A Study of Semi-Tied Covariance Modeling for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition

Yongqiang Wang, Qiang Huo

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.28

Text-Tracking Wearable Camera System for Visually-Impaired People

Makoto Tanaka, Hideaki Goto

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.29

Ballot Mark Detection

Elisa Barney Smith, Daniel Lopresti, George Nagy

14:40-17:30, Paper TuBCT10.30

Tailoring Text for Automatic Layouting of Newspaper Pages

Leonhard Hennig, Thomas Strecker