Monday Session Index

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09:00-9:30, MoOT10 Opening Session

09:30-10:00, MoPL1 K.S. Fu Lecture

King Sun Fu Prize Talk: Data Clustering: 50 Years Beyond K-Means

Anil K. Jain

13:30-14:30, MoPL2 Monday Plenary Session 1

Towards Brain Computer Interfacing

Klaus-Robert Mueller

MoAT1 T1P4OR8 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT1.1

Nonparametric Bayesian Attentive Video Analysis

Giuseppe Boccignone

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT1.2

Segmentation of Periodically Moving Objects

Ousman Azy, Narendra Ahuja

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT1.3

Detecting Global Motion Patterns in Complex Videos

Min Hu, Saad Ali, Mubarak Shah

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT1.4

MDL Region-Based Image Registration

Maria João Rendas, Adrien Barral

MoAT2 T2P4OR5 Classification and Clustering (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT2.1

Multiclass Spectral Clustering Based on Discriminant Analysis

Xi Li, Zhongfei Zhang, Yan-guo Wang, Weiming Hu

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT2.2

Prototype Learning with Margin-Based Conditional Log-Likelihood Loss

Xiaobo Jin, Cheng-Lin Liu, Xinwen Hou

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT2.3

Coring Method for Clustering a Graph

Thang Le, Casimir Kulikowski, Ilya Muchnik

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT2.4

A Probabilistic Self-Organizing Map for Facial Recognition

Gregoire Lefebvre, Christophe Garcia

MoAT3 T3P4OR3 Segmentation and Registration (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT3.1

Continuous Graph Cuts for Prior-Based Object Segmentation

Ketut Fundana, Anders Heyden, Christian Gosch, Christoph Schnoerr

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT3.2

Segmentation Robust to the Vignette Effect for Machine Vision Systems

Dimosthenis Karatzas, Marçal Rusiñol, Jacobus Antens, Miquel Ferrer

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT3.3

Layered Shape Matching and Registration: Stochastic Sampling with Hierarchical Graph Representation

Xiaobai Liu, Liang Lin, Hongwei Li, Hai Jin, Wenbing Tao

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT3.4

Efficient and Accurate Subpixel Path Based Stereo Matching

Arturo Donate, Ying Wang, Xiuwen Liu, Emmanuel Collins

MoAT4 T4P3OR1 Multimedia Processing and Content-Based Information Retrieval (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT4.1

Film Shot Classification Using Directing Semantics

Hee Lin Wang, Loong Fah Cheong

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT4.2

Relative Advantage of Touch Over Vision in the Exploration of Texture

Yoon Bai, Choonseog Park, Yoonsuck Choe

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT4.3

Clip Retrieval Using Multi-Modal Biometrics in Meeting Archives

Himanshu Vajaria, Sudeep Sarkar, Rangachar Kasturi

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT4.4

Recovering Audio-To-Video Synchronization by Audiovisual Correlation Analysis

Yuyu Liu, Yoichi Sato

MoAT5 T5P4OR2 Document Analysis and Recognition (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT5.1

Background Variability Modeling for Statistical Layout Analysis

Faisal Shafait, Joost van Beusekom, Daniel Keysers, Thomas Breuel

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT5.2

Script Identification of Camera-Based Images

Linlin Li, Chew-Lim Tan

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT5.3

A Robust Front Page Detection Algorithm for Large Periodical Collections

Iuliu Vasile Konya, Christoph Seibert, Sebastian Glahn, Stefan Eickeler

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT5.4

Text Detection from Scene Images Using Sparse Representation

Wumo Pan, Tien D. Bui, Ching Y. Suen

MoAT6 T6P4OR2 Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT6.1

Implicit Active Shape Model Employing Boundary Classifier

Andreas Wimmer, Joachim Hornegger, Grzegorz Soza

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT6.2

Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in Human Colon from Computed Tomographic Colonography Images

Ananda Chowdhury, Jianhua Yao, Robert Van Uitert, Marius George Linguraru, Ronald Summers

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT6.3

Phase Based Level Set Segmentation of Blood Vessels

Gunnar Läthén, Jimmy Jonasson, Magnus Borga

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT6.4

Dyslexia Diagnosis by 3D Texture Analysis of Cerebral White Matter Gyrifications

Ayman El-Baz, Manuel Casanova, Georgy Gimel'farb, Meghan Mott, Andrew Switala, E. Vanbogaert, R. McCracken

MoAT7 T7P4OR2 Face Recognition (Oral)

11:00-11:20, Paper MoAT7.1

Face Recognition Using Curvelet Based PCA

Tanaya Mandal, Q. M. Jonathan Wu

11:20-11:40, Paper MoAT7.2

Automatic Pose Estimation of 3D Facial Models

Yi Sun, Lijun Yin

11:40-12:00, Paper MoAT7.3

An Evaluation of Gabor Orientation As a Feature for Face Recognition

Adams Kong

12:00-12:20, Paper MoAT7.4

Representative Feature Chain for Single Gallery Image Face Recognition

Shaokang Chen, Conrad Sanderson, Sai Sun, Brian Carrington Lovell

MoBT1 T1P3OR1a Features and Image Descriptors (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT1.1

A Non-Parametric Scale-Based Corner Detector

Fabio Bellavia, Domenico Tegolo, Cesare Fabio Valenti

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT1.2

Harris Feature Vector Descriptor (HFVD)

Xuguang Wang, Fuchao Wu, Zhiheng Wang

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT1.3

A Novel Stability Quantification of Detected Interest Points in Scale-Space

Alaa E. Abdel-Hakim, Aly A. Farag

MoBT2 T1P3OR2a Image Modelling and Scene Understanding (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT2.1

Muti-Resolution 3D Morphable Models and Its Matching Method

Bong-Nam Kang, Hyeran Byun, Daijin Kim

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT2.2

Enforcing Image Consistency in Multiple 3-D Object Modelling

Matthew Grum, Adrian Bors

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT2.3

Efficient Triangulation Based on 3D Euclidean Optimization

Klas Nordberg

MoBT3 T2P3OR5a Clustering (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT3.1

K-Means Clustering of Proportional Data Using L1 Distance

Hisashi Kashima, Jianying Hu, Bonnie Ray, Moninder Singh

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT3.2

Parameter-Based Reduction of Gaussian Mixture Models with a Variational-Bayes Approach

Pierrick Bruneau, Marc Gelgon, Fabien Picarougne

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT3.3

Partial Closure-Based Constrained Clustering with Order Ranking

Shaohong Zhang, Hau-San Wong

MoBT4 T2P3OR1a Statistical, Syntactic and Structural Pattern Recognition (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT4.1

On the Gaussian Distribution of Strings

Sébastien Rebecchi, Jean-Michel Jolion

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT4.2

Probabilistic Matching of Line Segments for Their Homography

Jihwan Woo, Taemin Kim, In So Kweon

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT4.3

Harmonic Mean for Subspace Selection

Wei Bian, Dacheng Tao

MoBT5 T3P3OR3a Superresolution and Inpainting (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT5.1

Super-Resolution from Unregistered Omnidirectional Images

Zafer Arican, Pascal Frossard

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT5.2

Superresolution and Blind Deconvolution of Video

Filip Sroubek, Jan Flusser, Michal Sorel

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT5.3

Fast Super-Resolution for License Plate Image Reconstruction

Yuan Jie, Sidan Du, Xiang Zhu

MoBT6 T6P3OR2a Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT6.1

Computer-Aided Grading of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) Using HRCT

Jianhua Yao, Nilo Avila, Andrew Dwyer, Angelo Taveria-DaSilva, Olanda Hathaway, Joel Moss

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT6.2

Matching Colonic Polyps from Prone and Supine CT Colonography Scans Based on Statistical Curvature Information

Shijun Wang, Jianhua Yao, Ronald Summers

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT6.3

Thin Layer Tissue Classification for Electronic Cleansing of CT Colonography Data

Vincent Frans van Ravesteijn, Frans Vos, Iwo W.O. Serlie, Roel Truyen, Lucas van Vliet

MoBT7 T7P3OR2a Multimodal Fusion and Other Modalities (Oral)

14:40-15:00, Paper MoBT7.1

Gait Recognition by Dynamic Cues

Imed Bouchrika, Mark Nixon

15:00-15:20, Paper MoBT7.2

Combining Motion and Appearance for Gender Classification from Video Sequences

Abdenour Hadid, Matti Pietikäinen

15:20-15:40, Paper MoBT7.3

Multimodal Biometrics Fusion Using Correlation Filter Bank

Yan Yan, Yu-jin Zhang

MoBT8 T1PO1 Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Image Modelling and Scene Understanding / Robotics and Visual Navigation / Sensor Systems (Posters)

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.1

Model-Based Combined Tracking and Resolution Enhancement

Annika Kuhl, Tele Tan, Svetha Venkatesh

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.2

Preceding Car Tracking Using Belief Functions and a Particle Filter

John Klein, Christèle Lecomte, Pierre Miché

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.3

Gaze Tracking by Binocular Vision and LBP Features

Hu-chuan Lu, Chao Wang, Yen-wei Chen

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.4

Human Activity Analysis Based on a Torso-Less Representation

Jen-Hui Chuang, Chun-Wei Lee, Kuo-Hua Lo

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.5

Real-Time Crowd Motion Analysis

Nacim Ihaddadene, Chabane Djeraba

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.6

Robust Tracking of Spatial Related Components

Thomas Mauthner, Michael Donoser, Horst Bischof

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.7

An MCMC-Based Particle Filter for Multiple Person Tracking

Iker Zuriarrain, Frederic Lerasle, Nestor Arana Arexolaleiba, Michel Devy

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.8

Probabilistic Tracking on Riemannian Manifolds

Yi Wu, Bo Wu, Jia Liu, Hanqing Lu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.9

Background Modelling in Demanding Situations with Confidence Measure

Juan Rosell Ortega, Gabriela Andreu-Garcia, Angel Rodas-Jordà, Vicente Atienza

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.10

Review and Evaluation of Commonly-Implemented Background Subtraction Algorithms

Yannick Benezeth, Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Bruno Emile, Hélène Laurent, Christophe Rosenberger

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.11

Motion Segmentation by Consensus

Roberto Fraile, David Hogg, Anthony G Cohn

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.12

Multi-Object Tracking Using an Adaptive Transition Model Particle Filter with Region Covariance Data Association

Hélio Palaio, Jorge Batista

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.13

Group Action Recognition in Soccer Videos

Yu Kong, Xiaoqin Zhang, Qingdi Wei, Weiming Hu, Yunde Jia

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.14

Multivariate Laplace Filter: A Heavy-Tailed Model for Target Tracking

Daojing Wang, Chao Zhang, Xuemin Zhao

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.15

Recovering Euclidean Deformable Models from Stereo-Motion

Xavier Llado, Alessio Del Bue, Lourdes Agapito

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.16

People and Luggage Recognition in Airport Surveillance under Real-Time Constraints

Vicente Atienza, Juan Rosell Ortega, Gabriela Andreu-Garcia, Jose Miguel Valiente

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.17

Tracking Features on a Moving Object Using Local Image Bases

Atsuto Maki, Yosuke Hatanaka, Takashi Matsuyama

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.18

Incremental Trajectory Aggregation in Video Sequences

Ionel Pop, Mihaela Scuturici, Serge Miguet

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.19

Structure from Motion: Combining Features Correspondences and Optical Flow

Adel Fakih, John Zelek

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.20

Qualitative Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Event Detectors

Benedikt Kaiser, Gunther Heidemann

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.21

Force Histograms Computed in O(NlogN)

JingBo Ni, Pascal Matsakis

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.22

Fast and Precise Kinematic Skeleton Extraction of 3D Dynamic Meshes

Julien Tierny, Jean-Philippe Vandeborre, Mohamed Daoudi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.23

A Factorization Algorithm for Trifocal Tensor Estimation

Liang Wang, Fuchao Wu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.24

Recognizing Picture Taking Environment from Satellite Images: A Feasibility Study

Jiebo Luo, Wei Hao, Dale McIntyre, Dhiraj Joshi, Jie Yu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.25

A New Approach to 3D Shape Recovery of Local Planar Surface Patches from Shift-Variant Blurred Images

Xue Tu, Murali Subbarao, Youn-sik Kang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.26

Usage of Needle Maps and Silhouettes to Overcome Depth Edges in Depth Map Reconstruction

Masaaki Iiyama, Koki Hamada, Koh Kakusho, Michihiko Minoh

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.27

3D Reconstruction by Combining Shape from Silhouette with Stereo

Huei-Yung Lin, Jing-Ren Wu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.28

An Rapid Anomalous Region Extraction Method by Iterative Projection Onto Kernel Eigenspace

Satoshi Kawabata, Shinsaku Hiura, Kosuke Sato

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.29

C1 Units for Scene Classification

Dongjin Song, Dacheng Tao

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.30

A Study of Change Detection from Satellite Images Using Joint Intensity Histogram

Yasuyo Kita

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.31

Visual Metrology with Uncalibrated Radial Distorted Images

Xiaoming Deng, Fuchao Wu, Yihong Wu, Fuqing Duan

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.32

3D Ordinal Constraint in Spatial Configuration for Robust Scene Recognition

Ching Lik Teo, Shimiao Li, Loong Fah Cheong, Ju Sun

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.33

Enhanced Resolution-Aware Fitting Algorithm Using Interpolation Operator

Jongju Shin, Daijin Kim

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.34

Near Real-Time Stereo Based on Effective Cost Aggregation

Federico Tombari, Stefano Mattoccia, Luigi Di Stefano, Elisa Addimanda

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.35

Dynamic Markov Random Fields for Stochastic Modeling of Visual Attention

Akisato Kimura, Derek Pang, Tatsuto Takeuchi, Junji Yamato, Kunio Kashino

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.36

Towards Estimation of Dense Disparities from Stereo Images Containing Large Textureless Regions

Rohith Mv, Gowri Somanath, Chandra Kambhamettu, Cathleen Geiger

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.37

Intuitive Event Modeling for Personalized Behavior Monitoring

Ahmed Azough, Alexandre Delteil, Fabien DeMarchi, Mohand Said Hacid

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.38

Combining Multiple Spatial Hidden Markov Models in Image Semantic Classification and Annotation

Lihua Wang, Horace Ip

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.39

Confidence-Based Cost Modulation for Stereo Matching

Riccardo Gherardi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.40

Face Modeling and Tracking with Gabor Wavelet Network Prior

Minwoo Park, Seungkyu Lee

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.41

Practical Pure Pan and Pure Tilt Camera Calibration

Imran N. Junejo, Hassan Foroosh

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.42

Information-Based Gaze Control Adaptation to Scene Context for Mobile Robots

Tingting Xu, Kolja Kuehnlenz, Martin Buss

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.43

On the Scalability of Robot Localization Using High-Dimensional Features

Takeshi Ueda, Kanji Tanaka

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.44

Multiscan-Based Map Optimizer for RFID Map-Building with Low-Accuracy Measurements

Kanji Tanaka

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.45

Merging Maps of Multiple Robots

Nagesh Adluru, Longin Jan Latecki, Marc Sobel, Rolf Lakaemper

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.46

Image Sampling for Localization Using Entropy

Loic Lacheze, Ryad Benosman

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.47

Control and Recognition on a Humanoid Head with Cameras Having Different Field of View

Ales Ude, Tamim Asfour

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.48

Improvement of Features Matching in Catadioptric Images Using Gyroscope Data

Jean-Charles Bazin, In So Kweon, Demonceaux,Cédric, Pascal Vasseur

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.49

Sensor Planning for PTZ Cameras Using the Probability of Camera Overload

Yi Yao, Chung-Hao Chen, Besma Abidi, David Page, Andreas Koschan, Mongi Abidi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.50

Shapes to Synchronize Camera Networks

Richard Chang, Sio-Hoi Ieng, Ryad Benosman

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT8.51

Integration of Time-Sequential Range Images for Reconstruction of a High-Resolution 3D Shape

Yoshihiro Watanabe, Takashi Komuro, Masatoshi Ishikawa

MoBT9 T2PO1 Pattern Recognition Applications (Posters)

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.1

Separability of Ternary Error-Correcting Output Codes

Sergio Escalera, Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.2

Feature Extraction Based on Local Maximum Margin Criterion

Wankou Yang, Jianguo Wang, Mingwu Ren, Jingyu Yang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.3

Redundant DWT Based Translation Invariant Wavelet Feature Extraction for Face Recognition

Deqiang Li, Haibo Luo, Zelin Shi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.4

A Hidden Markov Model-Based Continuous Gesture Recognition System for Hand Motion Trajectory

Mahmoud Elmezain, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Jörg Appenrodt, Bernd Michaelis

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.5

Help-Training for Semi-Supervised Discriminative Classifiers. Application to SVM

Mathias M. Adankon, Mohammed Cheriet

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.6

Unsupervised Design of Artificial Neural Networks Via Multi-Dimensional Particle Swarm Optimization

Serkan Kiranyaz, Ince Turker, Alper Yildirim, Gabbouj Moncef

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.7

Learning in Imbalanced Relational Data

Amal Saleh Ghanem, Svetha Venkatesh, Geoff West

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.8

Bagging Very Weak Learners with Lazy Local Learning

Xingquan Zhu, Chengyi Bao, Weidong Qiu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.9

Cone-Restricted Subspace Methods

Takumi Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Otsu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.10

Analysis of Efficient Lip Reading Method for Various Languages

Takeshi Saitoh, Ryosuke Konishi, Kazutoshi Morishita

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.11

Intruders Pattern Identification

Vito di Gesu, Giosue' Lo Bosco, Jerome H. Friedman

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.12

Unsupervised Image Embedding Using Nonparametric Statistics

Guobiao Mei, Christian Shelton

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.13

A Study of Non-Frontal-View Facial Expression Recognition

Yuxiao Hu, Zhihong Zeng, Xiaozhou Wei, Lijun Yin, Jilin Tu, Thomas Huang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.14

On-Line Boosted Cascade for Object Detection

Ingrid Visentini, Lauro Snidaro, Gian Luca Foresti

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.15

Face Recognition Based on LBP and Orthogonal Rank-One Tensor Projections

Nutao Tan, Lei Huang, Changping Liu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.16

Analysis on Two Fisher Methods and a Synthesized Discriminant Projection

Zhaoxiong Zeng, Changping Liu, Lei Huang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.17

Gender Classification Based on Facial Surface Normals

Jing Wu, William Smith, Edwin Hancock

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.18

On-Line Signature Verification by Using Most Discriminating Points

Muhammad Talal Ibrahim, Ling Guan

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.19

Automatic Classification of Partial Shoeprints Using Advanced Correlation Filters for Use in Forensic Science

Mourad Gueham, Ahmed Bouridane, D. Crookes

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.20

Optimal Feature Weighting for the Discrete HMM

Oualid Missaoui, Hichem Frigui

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.21

Contour Registration and Corresponding Point Selection for Dorsal Fin Recognition

John Hayden Stewman, Kelly Debure

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.22

Incremental Learning in Non-Stationary Environments with Concept Drift Using a Multiple Classifier Based Approach

Matthew Karnick, Michael Muhlbaier, Robi Polikar

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.23

Knowledge Based Cluster Ensemble for 3D Head Model Classification

Zhiwen Yu, Hau-San Wong

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.24

Stability As Performance Metric for Subjective Pattern Recognition -- Application of Electoral College in Face Recognition

Liang Chen

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.25

Weakly Supervised Learning Using Proportion-Based Information: An Application to Fisheries Acoustics

Ronan Fablet, Riwal Lefort, Carla Scalabrin, Jacques Masse, Paul Cauchy, Jean-Marc Boucher

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.26

Hand Posture Recognition with Co-Training

Yikai Fang, Jian Cheng, Jinqiao Wang, Hanqing Lu, Kongqiao Wang, Jing Liu

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.27

Assembly of Puzzles by Connecting between Blocks

Takenori Murakami, Fubito Toyama, Kenji Shoji, Jyuichi Miyamichi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.28

Learning Combined Similarity Measures from User Data for Image Retrieval

Miguel Arevalillo-Herraez, Francesc J. Ferri, Juan Domingo

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.29

Fast Wavelet-Based Visual Classification

Guoshen Yu, Jean-Jacques Slotine

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.30

A Real-Time Accompaniment System Based on Sung Voice Recognition

Li Luo, Pengfei Lu, Zengfu Wang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.31

A 2D Model for Face Superresolution

B.G.Vijay Kumar, Rangarajan Aravind

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.32

A Multiple Model Structure for Tracking by Variable Rate Particle Filters

Yener ülker, Bilge Gunsel, Serap Kirbiz

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.33

Exploiting Qualitative Domain Knowledge for Learning Bayesian Network Parameters with Incomplete Data

Wenhui Liao, Qiang Ji

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.35

A Statistical Signature for Automatic Dialog Classification

Anna Pesarin, Marco Cristani, Vittorio Murino, Carlo Drioli, Alessandro Perina, Alessandro Tavano

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.36

Optimal Feature Weighting for the Continuous HMM

Oualid Missaoui, Hichem Frigui

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.37

Hand Motion Expertise Analysis Using Dynamic Hierarchical Activity Modeling and Isomap

Kanav Kahol, Mithra Vankipuram

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.38

An Example Based Image Retrieval System for the TRACE Repository

Robbie Lamb, Rafal Angryk, Piet Martiens

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.39

An Extended Version of the K-Means Method for Overlapping Clustering

Guillaume Cleuziou

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.40

Head Pose Estimation: Classification or Regression?

Guodong Guo, Yun Fu, Charles Dyer, Thomas Huang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.41

Classification by Bagged Consistent Itemset Rules

Yohji Shidara, Mineichi Kudo, Atsuyoshi Nakamura

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.42

Multifractality in Arterial Pulse

Aniruddha Joshi, Sharat Chandran, Valadi Jayaraman, Bhaskar Kulkarni

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.43

Linear Discriminant Analysis for Data with Subcluster Structure

Haesun Park, Jaegul Choo, Barry L. Drake, Jinwoo Kang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.44

Robust Recognition of 1-D Barcodes Using Camera Phones

Steffen Wachenfeld, Sebastian Terlunen, Xiaoyi Jiang

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.45

Robust Indoor Activity Recognition Via Boosting

Masamichi Shimosaka, Taketoshi Mori, Tomomasa Sato

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.46

A Network Intrusion Detection Method Using Independent Component Analysis

Dayu Yang, Hairong Qi

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.47

Wavelet-Based Salient Points with Scale Information for Classification

Alexandra Teynor, Hans Burkhardt

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.48

Semantic Grouping of Visual Features

Alexandra Teynor, Hans Burkhardt

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.49

On Refining Dissimilarity Matrices for an Improved NN Learning

Robert Duin, Elzbieta Pekalska

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.50

Variance Estimation for Two-Class and Multi-Class ROC Analysis Using Operating Point Averaging

Pavel Paclik, Carmen Lai, Jana Novovičová, Robert Duin

14:40-17:10, Paper MoBT9.51

Color Face Recognition Based on 2DPCA

Wang Chengzhang, Yin Baocai, Bai Xiaoming, Sun Yanfeng

MoCT1 T1P3OR1b Features and Image Descriptors (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT1.1

3D Rotational Invariant Local Binary Patterns

Janis Fehr, H. Burkhardt

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT1.2

CDIKP: A Highly-Compact Local Feature Descriptor

Yun-Ta Tsai, Quan Wang, Suya You

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT1.3

A Bayesian Local Binary Pattern Texture Descriptor

Chu He, Timo Ahonen, Matti Pietikäinen

MoCT2 T1P3OR2b Image Modelling and Scene Understanding (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT2.1

Local Stereo Matching with 3D Adaptive Cost Aggregation for Slanted Surface Modeling and Sub-Pixel Accuracy

Yilei Zhang, Minglun Gong, Yee-Hong Yang

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT2.2

IBR-Based Free-Viewpoint Imaging of a Complex Scene Using Few Cameras

Norimichi Ukita, Shohei Kawata, Masatsugu Kidode

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT2.3

Convenient Reconstruction of Natural Plants by Images

Wei Ma, Hongbin Zha

MoCT3 T2P3OR5b Clustering (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT3.1

Incremental Clustering Via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Serhat Selcuk Bucak, Bilge Gunsel

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT3.2

Time-Series Clustering by Approximate Prototypes

Ville Hautamäki, Pekka Nykänen, Pasi Fränti

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT3.3

Constrained Clustering by a Novel Graph-Based Distance Transformation

Kai Rothaus, Xiaoyi Jiang

MoCT4 T2P3OR1b Statistical, Syntactic and Structural Pattern Recognition (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT4.1

Improving the Matching of Graphs Generated from Shapes by the Use of Procrustes Distances into a Clique-Based MAP Formulation

Gerard Sanroma, Francesc Serratosa, Rene Alquezar

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT4.2

A Local Descriptor for Finding Corresponding Points in Vector Fields

Liefei Xu, H. Quynh Dinh

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT4.3

Bayesian Classification for the Statistical Hough Transform

Rozenn Dahyot

MoCT5 T3P3OR3b Superresolution and Inpainting (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT5.1

Image Inpainting Using Wavelet-Based Inter and Intra-Scale Dependency

Dongwook Cho, Tien D. Bui

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT5.2

Watershed-Guided Inpainting for Image Magnification

Zhaozhong Wang, Y. F. Li

MoCT6 T6P3OR2b Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT6.1

Grading Nuclear Pleomorphism on Histological Micrographs

Eric Cosatto, Matt Miller, Hans Peter Graf, John Meyer

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT6.2

Unsupervised Mammograms Segmentation

Michael Haindl, Stanislav Mikes

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT6.3

Supervised Enhancement of Lung Nodules by Use of a Massive-Training Artificial Neural Network (MTANN) in Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD)

Kenji Suzuki, Zhenghao Shi, Jun Zhang

MoCT7 T7P3OR2b Multimodal Fusion and Other Modalities (Oral)

16:10-16:30, Paper MoCT7.1

On Using Error Bounds to Optimize Cost-Sensitive Multimodal Biometric Authentication

Norman Poh, Josef Kittler

16:30-16:50, Paper MoCT7.2

Score Based Biometric Template Selection

Yong Li, Jianping Yin, En Zhu, Chunfeng Hu, Hui Chen

16:50-17:10, Paper MoCT7.3

A Cryptosystem Based on Palmprint Feature

Xiangqian Wu, Kuanquan Wang, David Zhang